Fleetwood Family

Old US Trails

These routes are a sample of the trails that were known in the early 1800's.  Most of them continue beyond the points I have mapped out.  They are possible routes that "Old" Isaac Fleetwood may have taken with his family on his migration west from Virginia to Kentucky and then to Indiana and the subsequent migration of his descendants to Missouri.

Keep in mind that the county lines were quite different in the early 1800's.  I've pointed out on today's map where the counties are that they moved to or were known to be in.


  • Most likely they headed down the Great Valley Road (shaded in light green) on their move from Loudoun County, Virginia to Floyd County, Kentucky.
  • Their move from Floyd County, Kentucky to Monroe County, Indiana was probably made on the Wilderness Road (shaded in light blue).
  • Isaac's descendants that moved to Missouri may have continued west on the Wilderness Road or followed the Ohio River to the Mississippi River and crossed into Missouri around Cape Girardeau.

Trails Map

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