Fleetwood Family

1920 Pushmataha County, Oklahoma - Original Census Roll
Kiamichi Township - Sheet 5B
Enumerated: January 28 & 29, 1920

1920 Pushmataha County, OK - Kiamicia Township

Name Relation Sex Race Age Marital
Place of
Fleetwood, Wm. Head M W 47 M Missouri Foreman Saw Mill
Fleetwood, Rebecca Wife F W 43 M Missouri    
Sells, William H. Head M W 29 M Tennessee Laborer Log Hauler
Sells, Hattie Wife F W 25 M Missouri    
Sells, Dorothy Daughter F W 7 S Arkansas    
Sells, Clyde W. Son M W 5 S Tennessee    
Sells, Mildred Daughter F W 3 S Arkansas    
Reich, James A. Head M W 25 M Arkansas Laborer Saw Mill
Reich, Virgie Wife F W 22 M Arkansas    
Reich, Lois Daughter F W 1 8/12 S Arkansas    

The William & Hattie Sells family on lines 55 through 59 directly below William & Rebecca Fleetwood are William & Rebecca's first daughter Hattie and son-in-law William.  The James & Virgie Reich family on lines 73 through 75 at the bottom of the image are William & Rebecca's second daughter Virgie and son-in-law James.

Lines 64 through 70 are the Joseph Asher family.   Joseph Asher was Rebecca Fleetwood's brother.

Lines 60 through 63 are the James Clark family.   Grace Clark was William Sells's sister.

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