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Three of "Old" Isaac Fleetwood's sons moved from Indiana to Missouri in the early 1830's.  They were Isaac Jr., Adam "Add", and James "Jim" Fleetwood.

(Stories by S. C. Turnbo) Click on this link for a few old stories told by Isaac Fleetwood.  Isaac the story teller was born in September 1841 to James "Jim" Fleetwood and Elizabeth Cantrell.

S. C. Turnbo met the story teller Isaac on December 1, 1903, when Isaac was 62 years old.  He told several stories about his Uncle Isaac and his Uncle Adam "Add".

In his stories by Turnbo, Isaac mentions that one of the three brothers returned to Indiana in 1841.  It isn't clear in the stories as to who went back but it was his father, James "Jim" that returned to Indiana.  Adam "Add" Fleetwood, did not return to Indiana.  They are interesting stories to read on how our ancestors lived in the early days when Missouri was becoming a state.

I've made the following maps to show you exactly where they first settled in Missouri.  I compiled this information from an 1846-47 state plat map that Dr. Kenneth W. Brown of Springfield, Missouri, sent to me. (Thank You Kenneth!)

Also on the map, I've pointed out where Yates Cemetery is.  That is where Isaac Jr. is buried and quite a few other Fleetwood's are buried there as well.

(Missouri Pictures) Click this link to see some of the pictures I took on my trip to Missouri (April 29 - May 3, 1999).  I went to Douglas and Ozark counties to check out the area where the Fleetwood's first settled in the early 1830's.

Map of Douglas County, Missouri

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