Images from the Marion Star

Caroline A. Bond-Straw with William Pitt Hazen mds-1895-05-16
Bertha B. Edwards & Ira T. Wasson wedding announcement mds-1895-11-18
Caroline A. Bond-Straw with Henry Hazen mds-1897-10-02
Martha S. Edwards & Richard M. Tyler wedding announcement mds-1898-01-11
The Hazen Will mds-1900-09-01
Katherine Mohr & Lester Postle wedding announcement mds-1903-10-29
Harry H. Bond & Ada M. Rider wedding announcement mds-1904-10-08
Calvin L. Edwards birth announcement mds-1907-10-12
William Black obituary mds-1908-07-31
Harold F. Bond & Samuel L. Bond surprise mds-1909-01-30
Caroline A. Bond-Straw & Henry Hazen wedding announcement mds-1909-06-12
Ella F. Houk & Elmer R. Busler wedding announcement mds-1911-02-11
William Brimhall birthday surprise mds-1911-03-27
Albert Postle's 7th birthday mds-1911-04-11
Ray Houk & Ila O. Bilger wedding announcement mds-1911-12-30
Norman E. Postle obituary mds-1912-03-30
Katherine Mohr-Postle visiting California mds-1913-01-09
Birdie Brimhall funeral notice mds-1913-06-26
Katherine Mohr-Postle ill with typhoid-malaria fever mds-1913-10-07
Charles S. Bond & Eurith A. Houser-Bond - 25th wedding anniversary mds-1913-10-11
Ada M. Rider-Bond & John H. Keeler wedding announcement mds-1914-04-13
Lorena Bilger-Black & John E. Dutton wedding announcement mds-1915-04-07
William J. Bond attends McBride Family reunion mds-1915-08-17
Eva Edwards & Charles A. Gaa wedding announcement mds-1915-11-02
Clara B. Mohr & Perry W. Ringer wedding announcement mds-1915-12-03
Samuel Bond M.E. Sunday school officers election mds-1915-12-28
Priscilla J. Price-Sifritt obituary mds-1916-06-29
Neal Houk & Gladys M. Wood wedding announcement mds-1916-07-09
Catharine L. Edwards & Lawrence T. Gillespie wedding announcement mds-1921-04-18
Samuel Lester Bond, Sr. & Maude M. Wise wedding announcement mds-1921-09-14
George W. Black obituary mds-1922-12-28
Samuel Lester Bond, Sr. obituary mds-1926-10-08
Russell L. Bond obituary mds-1935-02-04
Minnie M. Edwards-Reece-McNare-Goodall obituary mds-1935-02-18
Ronald E. Dendinger birth announcement mds-1935-09-20
Perry W. Ringer obituary mds-1936-02-19
Josephine Sifritt-Deyson-Lauer-Bond obituary mds-1936-05-11
Leonard L. Bond obituary mds-1936-06-05
David A. Black, Jr. obituary mds-1937-11-12
Gladys M. Wood-Houk funeral notice mds-1938-05-20
George A. Brimhall funeral notice mds-1938-12-08
Charles F. Edwards funeral notice mds-1940-05-02
William J. Bond obituary mds-1941-03-05
Albert C. Mohr obituary mds-1941-12-05
John E. Megahey obituary mds-1942-02-02
Owen A. Sifritt promotion mds-1944-01-01
Samuel Leroy Bond obituary mds-1944-07-17
Sylvia N. Allen-Houk obituary mds-1945-02-12
Samuel L. Bond, Jr., son of Samuel L. & Maude M. Wise-Bond-Martin mds-1945-03-16
Harold Houk obituary mds-1945-07-03
Marguerite L. Bond/Keeler-Camp & Samuel J. Wampler wedding announcement mds-1945-09-08
Virginia L. Bond & John M. Diehl wedding announcement mds-1945-09-15
Gladys M. Bond-Lashey obituary mds-1946-05-25
Jane E. Lashey & Paul B. Gast wedding announcement mds-1946-09-20
Mary K. Ringer & Bernard P. Sylvester wedding announcement - (photo) mds-1950-06-21
Samuel Lester Bond, Jr. & Ann Alton wedding announcement mds-1952-02-29
Maxine Lashey & Dwight Wilcox - "10 years ago" mds-1952-08-13
Harold F. Bond obituary mds-1954-01-05
Samuel Wampler obituary mds-1958-08-28
Sarah C. Karr-Myers obituary mds-1959-01-09
George O. Edwards obituary mds-1959-03-23
Clara B. Mohr-Ringer funeral notice mds-1959-09-01
Hazel G. Buckley-Cole obituary mds-1960-02-10
Roger H. Bond & Rosetta Massey marriage license mds-1960-05-25
James Houk obituary mds-1961-03-09
Ray Houk obituary mds-1961-03-25
Neal Houk obituary mds-1963-09-27
John F. Hazen obituary mds-1964-04-04
Sylvia A. Houk-Herr & Albert G. Herr - 50th wedding anniversary - (photo) mds-1966-01-21
Albert G. Herr obituary mds-1968-03-18
Owen A. Sifritt obituary mds-1968-09-28
Allan D Bond & Darlene Yvonne Miller-Morgan marriage license mds-1969-01-28
Samuel Lee Bond & Peggy A. Gay marriage license mds-1969-08-13
Ralph B. Bond - story on retirement - (photo) mds-1972-02-29
Ada M. Rider-Bond-Keeler obituary mds-1972-03-01
Frederick L. Houk obituary mds-1972-09-20
William D. Hero obituary mds-1972-10-04
Ila O. Bilger-Houk obituary mds-1974-01-03
Edward Black & Nyda K. Gongway-Black - 65th wedding anniversary - (photo) mds-1974-08-26
Deborah Ann Baer wedding announcement - (photo) mds-1974-09-21
Raymond J. Mayfield obituary mds-1975-02-22
Davis E. McElheny obituary mds-1975-06-02
Daisy D. Mauller-Welling-Houk obituary mds-1975-07-09
Harley Edwards obituary mds-1976-03-05
Dana E. Houk obituary mds-1976-08-30
Esther M. Edwards-Mayfield obituary mds-1976-12-06
Richard L. Mayfield obituary mds-1977-09-07

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