RIFE Family - Fairdealing Cemetery, Ripley County, Missouri

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Photos taken in June 2001

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1  -  Photo of the sign marking Fairdealing Cemetery
2  -  Photo of all the RIFE stones
3  -  Gustavius Henry "Gus" RIFE
       (Front Right in #2)
       (2nd wife of Gus H.; Dau. of Alexander C. CAMP, Sr. & Annie SIMON-CAMP)
       (Back Right in #2, Back Right in #3)
5  -  Gussie Ellen RIFE  (dau. of Gus H. & Eliza E.)
       (Front Center, Just left of Gus in #2)
6  -  Emily B. VANDOVER-RIFE  (1st wife of Gus H.)
       (Front Center, Just left of Gussie Ellen in #2)
7  -  Sylvester E. RIFE  (son of Gus H. & Emily B.)
       (Front Left, Just left of Emily in #2)
8  -  Uncertain who this is.  I believe this is Gus's mother.  Stone is unreadable.
       (Back Left, Behind Sylvester in #2)
9  -  Uncertain who this is.  Stone is broken and unreadable.
       (Back Center, Almost hidden behind Emily in #2)
10 -  Jonathan William RIFE  (son of Gus H. & Emily B.)
        (Back Center, Behind #9 & Emily in #2)

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