The following image is a scan of a letter sent to my great-grandmother Hattie Chappell-SIMON from her older 1st cousin once removed Stephen White CHAPPELL.

Stephen White CHAPPELL was living in Algiers, Jefferson Township, Pike County, Indiana and sent this letter to Mrs. John SIMON (Hattie Chappell-SIMON) in Doniphan, Jordan Township, Ripley County, Missouri.

Stephen mentions a visit from Tollie (Tolliver CHAPPELL).  Tolliver was Hattie's 1st cousin and also Stephen's younger 1st cousin once removed.

The letter is dated March 15, 1908.

Letter from Stephen White Chappell to Hattie Chappell-Simon

Mrs. John Simon
Doniphan, MO

My Dear Cousin Hattie, Tollie visited us last week and gave me your address.  I was very glad to here from you once more and that you was happy and doing well.  We are all well but are somewhat scattered.  Annie my oldest is married and lives on a farm two and a half (2 1/2) miles north and doing ... ame is ? ... a good farmer ... saw he has an office in Petersburg.  Tollie and I took supper with him Tuesday evening.  He is not married but doing well, has rooms at the Cottage Hotel.   Ralph is practicing medicine in Indianapolis, has his office in the Terminal Building, single yet doing well, rooms at the Y.M.C.A. building.  Gene is teaching a country school and boards at home.  He is 19 and my farmer is Freeman.  He is 17 and likes farming.  He is a good worker but he likes the girls, I guess not worse than all boys about his age.  We have a girl, Lena 15 in high school at Petersburg.   It is six miles.  She boards at home and drives it every day.  Our baby is Miller, ten years ... and doing well too.

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