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May 8, 1894
Lucinda Chappell
Widow of
Elliott Chappell deceased

Comes now said Lucinda Chappell and files and presents to the Court her duly verified petition praying an order of the Court setting of the property of which said decedent died seized, to her as his widow, and files and presents an inventory, duly verified, made by Howard Williams and Joel F. Danner, disinterested householders of Daviess County, whereby it  appears that the property of said decedent's estate is of the value of $100.00.   The Court having examined said petition and said inventory finds that the property of said decedent's estate is worth less than $500.00 and that the prayer of said petition ought to be granted.

It is therefore considered and adjudged by the Court that all the property of said decedent's estate be and the same is hereby set of to said Lucinda Chappell as the widow of said decedent, that the title thereto vest in her and that no letters of administration issue herein.