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Marianne Fleetwood
May 16, 1999 00:40

Kudos!!!!! This has to be the nicest, most informative family page I've visited. The lore is wonderful and the photos of Missouri beautiful.  Although we share the Fleetwood surname, our ties, if any are distant.  I am researching William Fleetwood who originated my husband's branch of the Fleetwood tree by coming to Delaware in 1682. This Fleetwood family moved to Pickaway Co. OH in the early 1800's, moved again, this time to Indiana in 1862. From there my husband's grandfather moved to Benzie Co. MI in the early 1920's.  Congrats again, thanks for sharing your work with all.

William Paul Harding
May 20, 1999 16:02

Hello there Kenny I saw that you put a guest book in the page and thought I would sign it. Love Sir William

Paul Marion "Bob" Fleetwood
May 20, 1999 21:54

Great Job Kenny, Keep up the good work!!! Uncle Bob

Patty Murphy from Modular Devices
May 20, 1999 22:45

Wonderful Job Kenny!

Cheri Busboom
May 23, 1999 21:24

Kenny, What a great website!! I am a descendant of Adam Fleetwood's Brother Thomas Fleetwood who married Catherine "Caty" Todd. Thomas & Caty Fleetwood are my 3rd great grandparents. I just wanted to let know that I have really enjoyed your website. Cheri Busboom Indiana

Andrew Pritchett
May 25, 1999 08:48

Hi Ken, Saw you had a guestbook and thought I would sign. Ken knows me but for the rest of you I am a third great grandson of Adam Fleetwood's brother in law from both wives James Pritchett. There parents John Pritchett and Mary "Polly" Todd are a common ancestor for Ken and I. Love your sight. I am hoping a trip out east will give me some interesting info like you found in Missouri. Have a great day. Andy Pritchett

Kelly A. Fleetwood-Foster
May 25, 1999 21:56

KJ, As a member of the family who has seen the dedication and love that you have devoted to the research on our family, I salute you! I look forward to the new information that you continue to find as it opens new chapters and grows new limbs to our ever growing family. As I have told you before, it never ceases to amaze me to see all of the interconnections and relations. Keep up the GREAT work Little Brother!

Marcene Lay
May 30, 1999 23:09

Thank you so much for a wonderful web site. Isaac is my 4th great-grandfather. It's a great site. I'll keep checking back to see what's new.

Norma Roberts-Wilson
Jun 1, 1999 11:12

Thanks Ken, for a splendid web-site! It shows care and quality. All of your cousins, I'm sure, are thrilled to find it. Even though my connections to Isaac stayed in Indiana (Thomas F., Jane F. Norman, Elmer N., Jewel N. Denny), I find it fascinating to read of the migrations of our families and their place in history. Many thanks! From your cousin in California, Norma (Denny) Roberts-Wilson

DeVaughn C. Fleetwood
Jun 4, 1999 00:07

We will return to this site soon.

Bobby McDougall
Jun 6, 1999 21:41

Kenny, After reading your web page, I am more impressed with your abilities than I ever have been. The hard work and time you put into this page shows. Truly something to be proud of. You might want to include a photo so all your relatives, close and distant, might know the man behind the page. Congratulations on a job well done! Keep up the research and enjoy your life Mr. Fleetwood.

Don DeLise
Jun 8, 1999 07:10

Hello! I was delighted to spend some time reading about all my cousins! Great job on the site. I am also a descendant from Old Isaac and will send you how I fit in; my charts are not handy right this minute but I will do it later today. (My grandmother was Zilpha Itasca Fleetwood b. abt 1876 in Indiana m. Asa Nugent; her father was Solomon Fleetwood m. Sarah Sullivan also Indiana.) best, Don

Jack Zurlinden
Jun 8, 1999 21:28

I was born John Edward Fleetwood on 13 May 1935 in Triplett, MO. My father was Harold (Hal) Fleetwood, born approximately 1910, died in OR in 1952. He and my mother divorced in 1936, and I saw him only twice more in my life. Curiosity about him was not encouraged by either my stepfather or my mother. I believe he remarried and had several children, who would be my half-siblings. His father was C. E. Fleetwood, called The Judge. If anyone has any info, I would really appreciate hearing from you.

Joyce Fleetwood Lawrence
Jun 9, 1999 18:08

Kenneth, your page is very interesting and tells me a lot about the Isaac Fleetwood family I had been wondering about. There are a lot more Fleetwoods out there than anyone would ever believe! I have been researching the family of WILLIAM FLEETWOOD of Bertie Co NC, d. 1769, whose roots were evidently in SE Virginia, near the James River. A grandson of his, also named William Fleetwood, b. NC about 1797, came to Chariton Co MO in 1821, up to St. Clair Co IL till mid 1830s, then back to Chariton Co MO. Early families related to these first Fleetwoods in north central MO include Ashby of KY, Oxley of NC, McAllister, McFerrin, Bruner. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone researching this MO Fleetwood line, or any from Bertie Co NC. Thanks for the opportunity to sign your guest book. Keep up the good work.

Marilyn Smith
Jun 12, 1999 17:02

Mr. Fleetwood, I have spent the better part of this afternoon reading and thoroughly enjoying your information. I came to your page because I am related to one of the Chafin/Halls that came briefly with the Fleetwoods in the late 1850s to Douglas County. My line is through Isaac Chafin and Sarah Hall Chafin. They came to Douglas Co. in 1857 for a short time and then went back to Brown Co., IN where my grandfather and family were raised. I have also heard stories that one of the reasons that the Fleetwoods moved originally was that one of them, Adam, I believe and someone named Crider who was married to a Fleetwood, had been caught counterfeiting in Indiana. Do you know of that story and if it is true or not? Have you learned any more about old Isaac's parents? Thanks so much for your interesting information. Marilyn

Jessica Fleetwood
Jun 12, 1999 20:25

This is a good website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanette Richart
Jun 14, 1999 01:05

Very nice page, I come through the Rebecca FLEETWOOD - Jesse HALL line their daughter Sarah HALL married James CHAFIN.

Ann Elizabeth Souza-Fleetwood
Jun 16, 1999 21:44

To my son, Kenneth Joseph Fleetwood. Since your birth and all these years since, you have always made me proud of your accomplishments. I knew when you started this project several years ago and then put it aside that you would not let it go, and again you have proved me right. To all you Fleetwood's out there, enjoy this! Congratulations son, your website is great, you have put your all into it. Love You, Mom

Carla Blankenship Bryce
Jun 22, 1999 06:11

Kenneth I really enjoyed the pictures and info.

Ronnie Lewis Fleetwood
Jun 25, 1999 13:20

My name is Ronnie Fleetwood. I am a son of the late Acey Fleetwood. Bob Fleetwood made me aware of the Fleetwood family tree and I am so pleased to be able to look at the generations past. Thank you very much for the page. I have bookmarked this page so that I may periodically check in and see what has been added. Again, thanks you did a wonderful job and have put a lot of hard work into it. Good Job!!! Ronnie Fleetwood and family.

James Milton Fleetwood, Jr.
Jun 28, 1999 00:39

I have enjoyed viewing your web site. I am the great, great grandson of Ashey Fleetwood and Parthenia Mewborn from North Carolina. I am interested in prior lineage.

Rev. John R. Chance
Jun 30, 1999 01:43

My mother is Freda Kaye (Fleetwood) Chance. She married my father, Johnny Ray Chance Sr., in '67 or '68 in Livingston, Texas. Three sons were born: Johnny (John) Ray Jr., Terry Wayne, and Kenneth Randall (Randy). My parents now live in Warren, Arkansas. All three of their children live in Wichita, Kansas. I now have a wife, Bonnie Diane (Cornwell) Chance, and two sons, Jon-Calvin Alexander Chance, and Ghentry Marrell Ashton Chance. Thank you for the web site. It is quite interesting.

Janine Linder
Jul 2, 1999 14:04

Dear Mr. Fleetwood: It is great to see what you have accomplished. It is inspiring. A very good friend of mine when I lived in Atlanta was a Mr. Fleetwood Gruver IV (his family lived, I believe in TN). Is he related to your family tree? Thanks.

(Orval) Gene Norman
Jul 6, 1999 13:33

Ken, I just learned of your website from my cousin in California, Norma Roberts-Wilson who has been doing more genealogical research than I lately. I, too, come from the Jane F. Norman (great-grandmother) and Elmer Norman side of the Family. As an academic librarian, I do surf the Internet quite a bit, but I haven't had a lot of time for family research. In a few years, I look forward to retirement, so I should have more time then. My Uncle Lark Harrell (deceased) had Fleetwoods in his family in Jackson County, IN, so I suspect there is a connection to you also. I enjoyed your website. Keep up the good work!--Gene Norman

Meryl Whitfield Kurman
Jul 7, 1999 22:52

Ken - I know that I have congratulated you privately about the work you've done on the Fleetwood Family, but I just wanted to post a message out here for all to see. I hope that the Fleetwood family realizes what an asset you are to the family. I believe that family is the most important part of our lives and that we have to know who we are to know where we are going. Your website has gotten me motivated to start work on my Whitfield family and I hope someday to have a site up and running. I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you and to let you know that I am glad to be a member of your family (even if I'm not a Fleetwood). Love Ya - Meryl

Monica Mason
Jul 17, 1999 16:19

Hi Kenny! and all other Fleetwood family members! I have really enjoyed the website..... I never knew anyone had traced the family back that far.... I am Monica Mason, daughter of Evelyn Fleetwood Wilkins -- granddaughter of Speedie Fleetwood. I would love to receive email from any relations out there! You did a great job on the site, Kenny ... we need to have a reunion!

Pamela Ann Moore
Jul 19, 1999 00:46

Hi Ken, You've done a great job on this webpage! I know you must have put in a lot of hours on it. That took a lot of dedication on your part. I never knew there were so many Fleetwoods out there! I am Pam Moore, daughter of Sylvia Doris Fleetwood. Her father was Speedie Fleetwood, married to Marie Fleetwood Steele. I wish she could have been alive long enough to enjoy this as I have. I hope we stay in touch, and get to meet one day, like at a reunion!!!! I'm sure I would enjoy all the fishing that would come along with it! Ha, Thanks again, for all your hard work.

John Peck
Jul 21, 1999 23:43

Thank you for letting me be your guest. John Peck

Charles Ray Fleetwood
Jul 30, 1999 03:05


Loretta (Fleetwood) Medlock
Aug 4, 1999 11:40

Great web page! I too am a descendant of "Old Man Isaac" as follows: Isaac, Mark Jesse, Louis Dennis, John M. (Jack), Ezra Fleetwood who married Delta Sullivan, Martha Loretta Fleetwood Medlock. Mark Jesse Fleetwood b. 24 May 1815, Floyd County, Kentucky, married 1st Cynthia Stewart; m/2 Nancy C. (Kate) Stewart. In doing research on Mark Jesse, my brother found that he had gone to Hudson Township, Bates County, Missouri about 1879. The 1880 census shows him there with wife Nancy and daughter Hattie. I do not have a copy of this census record but my brother noted that Jesse said his father ("Old Isaac") was born in Ireland.

Margaret L. (Fleetwood) Meadows
Aug 4, 1999 20:50

Ken, Great web page, I am from the Old Isaac Fleetwood. He is my 3rd, great grandfather . I come from the son Hiram Fleetwood. His son William Henry Fleetwood. Enjoyed your web page very much. Keep up the good work. I am from the Indiana bunch. Margaret

Aug 8, 1999 15:26

Just took a look at your page. Very nice. Wondered how you did it so fancy on AOL. I hate PP3; won't let you even put a counter on the page.

Aug 9, 1999 10:53

Hi Ken! Good work on the page! For everyone else, I am a descendant of James Fleetwood, his son Isaac Fleetwood, his son Elihue Fleetwood then finally his daughter, my grandmother, Josephine. Hope that is some help. Laura (Tulsa, OK)

Aug 18, 1999 14:44

Just checking back in. Thought I'd give you another A+ on the work you've done. It's a wonderful site! I've come down thru the Fleetwood line from Isaac to John. John's sons Asa and Shadrack were my great-great grandfathers. I'd really love to hear from any other relatives of John's, or for that matter any other Fleetwood relations. Thanks so much for all your effort. This is a great place to come visit.

Dale Fleetwood
Aug 31, 1999 20:33

Great site!! I have recently begun trying to trace my own roots. If you come across any Fleetwood genealogy in the Delaware area, please let me know. Dale Fleetwood

Mark Patrick Fleetwood
Sep 2, 1999 18:57

Bless you! I'm only son of Michael David, only child of Albert Fleetwood, of Mirfield, W Yorkshire, England: apparently, there have been Fleetwoods there for several generations. I anticipate doing a family tree, and have lots of raw info, but some gaps. Anyway, delighted to see a fellow Fleetwood on-line. Wonder how or when we might have been connected? PS I have conflicting info as to the name's origin - some documents say we're named after the place in Lancashire, others that we gave our name to the place, along with the Heskeths. God bless. (John 3:16).

Danny Lynn Fleetwood, Jr.
Sep 5, 1999 12:41

Kenneth, Just wanted to tell you that you've done a great job on your webpage. I really enjoyed it. The pictures were great also. If I can be of any assistance to you in your research on the Fleetwoods please let me know. Keep up the good work.

Emma Fleetwood Linder
Sep 8, 1999 17:03

Great page. I don't know if we are related. I didn't see names I knew. We still have cousins around Ava Mo. My family migrated to California. An aunt has researched our tree. Guess I need to get a copy and see how we are related. Dad was Gene Fleetwood and his dad was Calvin Fleetwood. I think Oklahoma was where dad was born.

Cindy Hall Messick
Sep 10, 1999 18:56

Really enjoyed your web site. The pictures of the Ozarks made me home sick!  Do you have any information on "Old" Isaac's daughter Rebecca that married Jesse Hall? And their family? I am their 4th great grand-daughter. I would appreciate anything you have to share or if any cousins out there have anything to share please email me. Thank you.

Charles Ray Fleetwood
Sep 11, 1999 15:39

Ken: I think you have done a nice job of this. I really enjoyed seeing dad and all his brothers together. Keep up the good work, I know everyone appreciates your labor. Dad is Joe Fleetwood. We miss him very much. Good bye for now, will be back though.

Nancy Fleetwood Miller
Sep 13, 1999 11:43

WOW...what a terrific site!! I really enjoyed browsing! I'm sure many Fleetwood branches lead back to Virginia and "Old Isaac." My family traces back to Georgia in the mid-to-late 1700's. I would love to compare notes or speculation on how the Fleetwood family came to Georgia...even speculation might offer some avenues to research! Thanks again for such a great web site!!

Patty Murphy / Modular Devices
Sep 14, 1999 20:18

Hi Kenny: Your site looks real good. Last month I had the chance to visit my dad and family in West Virginia. I got to see the old farm my dad was raised on. His old school is also still standing, but is not in use. There were a lot of Murphy children, and there were days that the school only had Murphy children. I went also to my family graveyard, my great-grandfather is their to rest along with my grandparents. It was hard to believe that my dad grew up without electric, plumbing, and no cable. Keep up your wonderful work, I would like to do my family history as nice as you did. Patty Murphy, Modular Devices. pats@warwick.net (home)

Joyce Fleetwood Lawrence
Sep 19, 1999 11:54

Kenneth, I keep revisiting your great Fleetwood page to see your new resources. Great job! Just to remind readers that there's a Fleetwood branch that came to north central Missouri--Chariton Co MO--in 1821 from Bertie Co NC. Their allied names in MO are Ashby, Oxley, McAllister, McFerrin. Be glad to help Fleetwoods with those connections, or in NC. Keep up the excellent work.

Stan Dowling
Sep 28, 1999 18:56

Well Ken I thought I should sign your guest book and say what a great job you have done on the Fleetwood family. As you know I am the grandson of Leoma Fleetwood d/o Charley Fleetwood and Martha Ann Hatfield. Charley is the s/o John Fleetwood and Nellie King, and John is the s/o of Adam Fleetwood and Elizabeth Pritchett. Adam of course is the s/o "Old" Isaac Fleetwood and Sarah Rider. I look forward to a visit with you when I'm in Florida. Take care and keep up the EXCELLENT work.

Nancy L Lewis
Oct 4, 1999 22:37

Great material. I am descendant of the 3rd generation Adam Fleetwood's daughter, Julia Ann. She married Elihugh Blend Coffman and moved to Arkansas.

Dornna D. Everett-Arnold
Oct 9, 1999 14:19

Ava, Missouri on the Internet, whatever next ?

Rose Marie Welch
Oct 23, 1999 17:15

I enjoyed this web site very much. My paternal grandmother was Christina Arlene Fleetwood, daughter of Ty Fleetwood and wife, Ban Rice Fleetwood. Christine married John l. (believed to be Lazerus) Welch, in June 1888 in Douglas County, Missouri. To this union 5 children were born. The second child, a son, Ernie Clayburn Welch was my father. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have, I would love to hear from any relatives! Thanks, Rose

Michelle Bell
Nov 9, 1999 14:29

Hey! My middle name is that. How cool.. maybe I'm related to you. Very spiffy. I am glad that you are dedicated to your family. Everyone should be. My aunt did a family tree once. It was really neat. Well I just thought it was cool that your name is the same as my middle name. I think my name is from like, England or something. Have a super day! Michelle Oh by the way... Fleetwood Rocks

Tim Fleetwood
Nov 10, 1999 13:44

Hello everybody.

Kevin John Crichton
Nov 10, 1999 15:57

I'm from the town of Fleetwood, in the county of Lancashire, Great Britain. I really like your site. My site, Fleetwood.Web, is an ever developing guide to the town, its features, and its life in all aspects. I'll be putting in a section on various uses and appearances of the name "Fleetwood" throughout the world, and I will be giving your site a high placing. Keep up the good work.

Carol Halperin
Nov 19, 1999 18:22

I was scanning Ava Missouri to see if I could find information on my parent's family.  My mother's name is Mary Sexton (parents William H. Sexton and Cora Lee) her brother Ray and some family are still in that area.  My father's name is Woodrow Johnson (parents Larse Johnson and Amanda Roller?) I do not know much about them.  I think his mother and a brother Eugene Johnson are buried in Ava Cemetery.  If anyone knows anything about them, I would appreciate a response.   I don't know your family but I enjoyed meeting them.  This was a very informative and fun homepage to visit.  Thanks, your hard work was appreciated.

Bobbi Meadows
Nov 20, 1999 23:03

You have done really great work here! This is wonderful, so full of detail! Look forward to seeing more!

Barbara Ellen Martini (Fleetwood)
Nov 28, 1999 17:39

Hello, I'm Barbara Ellen (Fleetwood) Martini, The youngest daughter of Donnie Allen Fleetwood, He and Ethel Lorene McKinney had seven children. Imogene who died at 6 mo. then David Alvin, Johnnie Ray, Patrica Evon (Patsy), Joseph Willis, Glenda Gale and myself Barbara Ellen (Bobbie). My brother Joe is compiling an immediate family tree with birthdates and places. I'm sure he will send you a copy when he has it completed. We all live in Oregon with the exception of David who lives in Florida. Thank you for all your hard work. WE do have quite a colorful family history. Now if we could set the true story of our lives on paper we would have another "Roots" best seller.

Jefferson Fleetwood
Dec 2, 1999 00:09

Hi I'm Jefferson. I'm also a Fleetwood living in England. I've seen your site it's really great, how about putting together an English side of the family. All the best, Jefferson

Amanda Fleetwood
Dec 3, 1999 13:19

Hi, This was so weird. All of these people have the same names as my relatives. William Fleetwood is my grandpa but he wasn't born then. I live in the northwestern part of Missouri. Have any ?'s write me.

Daniel Fleetwood
Dec 4, 1999 19:19

Hi Mate - Maybe a distant cousin here - Daniel Fleetwood from England - Have a nice life - Dan

Nelson Hufford
Dec 23, 1999 12:44

I am most impressed with your site. Your mother's comments were touching to say the least. My gg grandmother was Alabama Fleetwood Frazier, whom I have hit a brick wall with and I happened on your site. Keep on working, the results are great.

Lance Lane
Dec 28, 1999 18:03

Just to let someone know I like the Web page. But, I'm here looking for a back door and also a breaker for my 1987 Fleetwood. If you could help please do. Door size 31" wide and 75" long inside Dim. It appears that no one my area carries this size. Thanks Lance.

Lance Lane
Dec 28, 1999 18:08

Nice Page!!

Susan York Morris
Jan 1, 2000 21:50

Great site. Thanks for your hard labors. I'm descended from Isaac Fleetwood and Sarah Rider via their daughter, Rebecca--who married Jesse Hall. Rebecca Fleetwood-Hall and Jesse Hall's daughter Sarah married James Chafin. They're all traced from the Floyd Co. Kentucky/Brown County, Indiana records. (The Floyd County Ky. records are filled with surnames belonging to various members of my family and other Brown County families.) It's also interesting that Jesse Hall has the same Virginia-Floyd County Kentucky connection.

Relda Sandgran
Jan 11, 2000 22:21

Enjoyed your Fleetwood Family Home Page. I just found out in December that I had Fleetwoods in my line. Your Isaac Fleetwood born 2 Oct 1745 is my GGGGGGrandfather. Is there a way I can get copies of the pictures that you have. I can't make copies on my computer. I tried. I love the pictures and am willing to pay for them. BROWNS ~ DAVIS ~ FLEETWOOD ~ HALL ~ JOHNSON ~ KEELING ~ YARBROUGH Thanks, Relda

Gary Lee Sullivan
Jan 18, 2000 07:56

Ken, You have done a fantastic job of setting up the Fleetwood Webpage!!!! Old Isaac Fleetwood is looking down on you and smiling!!!!!!!! Your cousin Gary Sullivan

Karl S. Fleetwood
Jan 19, 2000 22:29

Thanks for making this information available. Karl S. Fleetwood

Kenneth Brown
Jan 21, 2000 21:38

Kenneth, I haven't been on your site for a few months. It is truly a delightful place. Before the year is out, I plan on taking early retirement from the University and want to work more on family history, write some historical fiction perhaps, and expand my home page. Yours is certainly a model for me. I maintain my site using Microsoft FrontPage 2000. How do you place those hot spots on the photos that show peoples' names? When you have a moment, you might look at my photo pages at courses.smsu.edu/kwb237f/family or courses.smsu.edu/douglas. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Are you a webmaster by profession? You certainly are proficient at it. Take care and stay in touch.

Jacques Owen Martini
Jan 24, 2000 02:36

Hi , My name is Jacques Martini, son of Barbara Martini (Fleetwood), daughter of Donnie and Ethel Fleetwood. I would like to add my addition to the family tree. On December 7, 1999, my daughter, Jacqlynn Elizabeth was born. Also my wife, Seasons Irene (Brandon). And soon another will be added to the tree. My sister, Angela Gale Patton (Brewer) will be induced into labor on the 27th of January. Lets welcome them both Nicole and Jacqlynn. Nice piece of work on this site.

Marie S. Butler
Feb 6, 2000 18:09

My Fleetwood ancestors came from Sussex, Co, DE to Waverly, VA after the Civil War. I have been in contact with relatives in MD but they know little.

Mike Fleetwood
Feb 10, 2000 17:27

Fascinating reading. I had no idea that the 'Fleetwood' name is flourishing so well across 'the pond'! All the best, Mike Fleetwood

Clifford Rutherford Fleetwood
Feb 20, 2000 15:38

Hello! I have just discovered the Fleetwood family page, and I am impressed and "gobsmacked" at the number of people with my surname in the New World. I originate from Birmingham, England and I know that there are good number of us Fleetwoods in around that area. Another coincidence is the fact that, having been reading about the www1 service my father undertook, I have discovered a www1 holy bible with the handwritten name of Adams, New York, on the inside cover? I note that there are several references to the name of Adams in the family tree? Keep up the good work, and to quote a well known American " I shall return". Cliff Fleetwood.

Fran Russell
Feb 24, 2000 19:28

Thank you for the information on old Isaac!!! I am the 5th generation through Rebecca who married Jesse Hall. Would like to hear from you Fran Russell Marlow, OK

Dewey Glenn Fleetwood
Mar 1, 2000 15:56

Enjoyed the visit. My dad's name was Henry Glenn Fleetwood and my mom's name is Ruby Nell (Riddell). His dad came from MO, I was born in 1946 in Cleveland, MS. My dad's mom and her people came from and around Newport/Amagon, AR. Will be visiting again.

Jessica Fleetwood
Mar 2, 2000 02:33

This site is great. I haven't viewed it in awhile and you have really added a lot to it. The family keeps getting bigger. By the way my sister Arin Fleetwood (dad-Terry Fleetwood) had a baby last October. His name is Orion Joseph Christopher Pagell. I am not positive on the spelling or his birthday but I thought you might want to know about it. Keep up the good work! Jessica

Robert Helms
Mar 6, 2000 00:05

I enjoyed your web site very much, my family tree goes back to the pilgrims and 1635 in Boston. I hope when I am ready that my web site will be as nice as yours.

Jim Porter
Mar 10, 2000 05:04

Hi, nice site, very interesting. Just one thought....Have you investigated a link to the Fleetwood family of Lancashire? They go back to pre-reformation days and may be linked. There are some bits and pieces on my own web site as I am from Fleetwood in Lancashire UK and the town was named after Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood.

Richard Alan Fleetwood of East London England
Mar 10, 2000 07:03


Gunilla von Wachenfelt
Mar 15, 2000 13:38

Hi! You've really done a fantastic job! I'm a descendant of the Fleetwood who served in the Swedish army in the 1600's. I started looking back at the ancestors in England and at what happened to the family there. My family has quite a lot of info on that, and there is also information available in Riddarhuset in Stockholm, Sweden. However, since the English branch of the family died out, I wanted to know what happened to the Fleetwoods who went to Ireland and America. I happened upon this, and was, needless to say, delighted! Thanks, and please feel free to contact me if you want anything from this end. Gunilla

Spence Fleetwood
Mar 31, 2000 16:03

Hi, Spence Fleetwood from Liverpool, England. I am a newcomer to the Internet and find your site fascinating. All the Best. Spence

David Ferguson
Apr 21, 2000 21:00

Enjoyed your page. I was born about where Fox Creek flows into Bryant and have many relatives still in the area. My uncle George Stone lives across Bryant from Yates Cemetery or close to it...Dave

Ronnie Garon Fleetwood
Apr 24, 2000 19:03

Hello, my name is Ronnie Garon Fleetwood. I am 18 years old and the son of Ronnie Lewis Fleetwood and the grandson of the late Acey Fleetwood. I think you did a great job on this site and if you need any more info just feel free to email me and ask questions.

Roney Gene Fleetwood
May 7, 2000 13:27

Hi,  My name is Roney G. Fleetwood and my family lives in Wichita, KS. We're originally from Seymour, MO. My father is Sam D. Fleetwood. He had 3 brothers and 6 sisters. There is only one child living. My parents Doris and Sam Fleetwood had five children, 3 boy and two girls. My grandfather Jim Fleetwood resided in Seymour, MO. Are we related to Isaac Fleetwood?

Roney Fleetwood
May 7, 2000 13:43

Just wanted to give you my new e-mail address: rgfleetwood@hotmail.com

Trevor Lewis Fleetwood
May 10, 2000 21:37

What a very comprehensive and professional site. Any links with Fleetwood's from the North of England?

Ben Sessions
May 17, 2000 01:31

I would like to learn where Joseph Henry Fleetwood, Jr. is buried. I met some relatives of his in Germany last month and they would like this information. Also if Joe's kids or other interested relatives have an e-mail address, I would like to correspond with them if they would care to. Blessings, Ben Sessions - bensessions@yahoo.com

Richard Robin Fleetwood
May 26, 2000 16:41

My name is Richard. I only know my father, who recently passed, his name was Jewell Fleetwood. My Grandparents names were Bud and Ora which I never knew. I have 10 brothers and sisters, Jerry, Dale, Jewell Lige, Richard, Jewell Dean, Vernon, Darlene, Ora Fay, Ina, and Virginia (Tina). I would like to know any information anyone may have on the rest of my family. Sincerely, Richard Fleetwood

Wilda Bellomy Smith
Jun 7, 2000 15:56

Very interesting and thank you very much. I have just starting working on becoming a member of the Tennessee Chapter of DAR. I find genealogy most interesting.

Angela Gale Patton
Jun 9, 2000 23:48

Hi, I am Barbara Fleetwood's eldest daughter. I thought I would write to you and update some info.  Joshua's middle name is "Israel" and his birthday is the same as moms 4-29-96.  Nicole's middle name is "Grace". My husband Mike's birth date is 8-3-71 Portland OR. Mom told me about this website and to look up on it when I got a computer. She told me she would inform you about the above info. She must of gotten busy. Well it was good to write to you. I hope I helped you out some. Thank you, Angie

Freda Kay Chance
Jun 12, 2000 17:58

I am the daughter of Acey and Myrtle Fleetwood. I married Johnny Ray Chance, Sr. on 2/16/1968. We have three sons, Johnny Ray Chance, Jr., Terry Wayne Chance and Kenneth Randall Chance. This web site is very interesting.

Tracy Fleetwood
Jun 19, 2000 12:39

Hi from Arkansas City, Kansas

Lionel Fleetwood
Jun 24, 2000 20:12

I'm a Fleetwood from South Africa, now living in South Carolina with my family (including 3 little Fleetwoods). I came across this site while researching the family history, and I think it's excellent. I don't know just how we all fit in, but the names and faces are just the kind I see in my own family album. I'll get around to putting up a family Web site someday, but meantime, y'all come down and see us, you hear?

Richard T. Fleetwood
Jun 26, 2000 13:20

Kenny, My Wife and I visited Your site in May. What a wonderful job you have done. Since visiting your site, I am overwhelmed at how large the Fleetwood Family really is. I have more information on my father's tree. My Dad had 3 brothers, Gene, Homer, C.W., and 3 sisters Bertha, Sadie, and Mary. My Dad is Jewell Fleetwood. I don't have much information on my Grandparents. I believe my Grandmother was Ora Phillips (Fleetwood), and I'm still not sure on my Grandfather. I believe he may have been called Bud Fleetwood. I have heard the name Ava, Mo. I also am very familiar with St. Clair County in Illinois, and also Chariton Co. in MO. Anyone with any Information please E-Mail Us at rfrf3363@hotmail.com  I have 10 brothers and sisters. I also have 2 sons, Richard Anthony and Matthew Michael Fleetwood. Kenny you have done a wonderful thing here, keep up the good work. Richard T. Fleetwood

Mr. J. H. Fox
Jul 2, 2000 16:21

Even though there are no direct links with my ancestors, this web page has been very good. All my own family are from the UK, an American link is possible.

Don Billings
Jul 3, 2000 02:27

Hi Cuz, I'm from the Indiana branch. Isaac Fleetwood was my 4th great-grandfather, my 4th great-granduncle and more due to cousins marrying cousins. Be happy to trade Indiana info for Missouri info. I live in Indianapolis, but was born in Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana. Don Billings 49 W. Edwards Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana 46217-3301  317-783-4576

Ms. May
Jul 6, 2000 16:48

Very impressive work you've done! Haven't visited for quite some time...enjoyed the stories & lineage. Surprised to see a Kern down your line...they are my heritage line.

Penelope Martin Fleetwood
Jul 15, 2000 21:34

We go back to North Carolina Fleetwoods who moved down to Thomasville, Georgia. Our records only go back to Wilson Fleetwood 1825 married to Loftie Trafton.

Mick Fleetwood
Jul 27, 2000 06:06

What a fantastic website. Here's some more of the jigsaw! I am Mick from Cornwall, England. My Dad is from Aston, Birmingham, England. He had brothers Joe, Vic, and George with sisters Edna, Edie, Audrey, Leah. I am told that Oliver Cromwell's General Fleetwood is in the line and he married Oliver's sister. Does anybody know who the first Fleetwood was to reach the "New World", and where from etc....

Kevin John Crichton
Jul 31, 2000 16:24

I am from the town of Fleetwood, Lancashire, in Great Britain. I have a website called "Fleetwood.Web" (www.enation.co.uk/welcome.htm) and anyone and everyone is welcome to visit. I'd like to thank all the previous visitors who visited the previous version of Fleetwood.Web after reading my last entry in the guest book. The town's motto is "Onward" and I think its also pretty apt for this family also. Many thanks, Kevin Crichton www.enation.co.uk

David Russell Fleetwood
Aug 15, 2000 20:19

Hi KJ. Long time no hear. CALL ME, I want you to meet my SON! Long lost cousin David R. Fleetwood. I saw your dad at the VA and he told me about your web site.

George and Ginny Whitfield
Aug 25, 2000 16:58

Kenny, You did a really good job on your website. You put a lot of hard work into it. Hope you enjoy every thing that comes out of it. Thank you for all the info on the Souza family also. Love, your cousins George and Ginny.

Wilene Smith
Aug 27, 2000 23:56

Margaret SMITH, b. July 3, 1848, dau. of Martin Robert SMITH and Elizabeth SNELSON, md. Isaac FLEETWOOD, February 10, 1867, Ozark Co., MO. Margaret was just 18 when she md. so this was presumably her first marriage. My question: Which Isaac did she marry? I didn't find Margaret in your tree, but so many familiar places noted on your beautiful map. Your site is among the most impressive I've found. Margaret and Isaac are in the SMITH / COBLE Family File on my home page link.

Janet Vogel
Aug 28, 2000 12:11

Wonderful job on FLEETWOODS! Thanks, you are the best source we've seen recently. Janet

Oliver Fleetwood Berry
Sep 29, 2000 05:32

Hi, Maybe I'm a distant relative- from the antipodes. I'm in New Zealand and most of my immediate relatives are in South Africa or Australia. My great grandfather was Fleetwood Stirling Digby Berry (b. Melbourne Aust. 1886-1963). I'm not sure who his father was but am pretty sure that Fleetwood was a family name before him. I haven't been able to plot a direct link back from Fleetwood Stirling, but further back the family tree is in Britain. John Berry (b. 1702) married Hester Fleetwood. Their son Thomas Berry (b 1738) lived in County Offaly. Hester Fleetwood was the great grand daughter of Oliver Cromwell. I'd be keen to hear from anyone with new clues. Cheers

Marla Braun Adams
Oct 18, 2000 02:05

Great web site. I am the granddaughter of Willie Fleetwood and Houston Isaac Wheeler. My mother is Joyce Wheeler Braun. Marla Adams

Loretta Fleetwood
Oct 24, 2000 13:06

My husband's family are from Muldrow OK. Eljerry Fleetwood and his children are enrolled on the 1902 Daw's Indian roll. They are mixed with Cherokee Indian. Got to go! Loretta Fleetwood

Shirley Deem
Oct 25, 2000 22:45

This has got to be one of ... if not the best layout of any genealogy site I've seen! Congratulations!

Theresa Fleetwood/Meyer
Nov 1, 2000 01:29

Hi, I must say you did a fantastic job on your homepage. I really enjoyed looking at it. My Mother is Juanita Fleetwood, the author of the (Fleetwood/Darling) Genealogy Home Page. My aunt is Loretta Medlock, author of the (Fleetwood/Medlock) Genealogy Home Page. Keep up the good work!!!

Janice Wilson Power
Nov 2, 2000 23:16

Referred here by LDS search page - My "mystery" involves the death in 1841 of my gggrandfather Wm. Wilson in Weston, Platte Co. during a public "disturbance" I think that's a riot! He was only 40 or so - I'd never have found this out except that the law at the time was for re-imbursement to families - His oldest son applied to the state and there's a record. It is just driving me nuts not knowing WHAT the big deal was?! Any help that you could spare would be really welcome. Oh, yea, they were from N.C.>Tenn>Mo.>Texas>Az. I was wondering if the wagon train of Mormons was in this time frame?

Nov 16, 2000 20:24

Great web page I'am working on a genealogy book for my brother-in laws Christmas present his GGGG grandmother was Rebecca Fleetwood daughter of Isaac she married Jesse Hall.

Charles fleet
Dec 24, 2000 22:13

Hoping to find a link to Fleet. thank you.

Joe Saylor
Jan 3, 2001 15:41

Very nice page Ken. I enjoyed your page regarding the "Feud". My ancestors came from a neighboring County, Hickory, we also had a Feud, called "Paxton Quigg Feud", I wrote a book on it several years ago and donated one copy to the Hickory Co. Library in Hermitage and one copy to the Library in Salt Lake City.. Keep up the good work Joe Saylor Blackwell Researcher's Editor

Mike Cornwell
Jan 23, 2001 23:32

A descendant of Isaac Fleetwood (mother Anna Jane Hart, Grdmother Grace Gertrude David, Grgrdmother Cora Mae Chafin, Grgrgrdfater John Chafin, Grgrgrgrdmother Sarah Hall, Grgrgrgrgrdmother Rebecca Fleetwood, Grgrgrgrgrgrdfather Isaac Fleetwood)

Tracy Amanda Fleetwood
Jan 29, 2001 15:14

Hi all, what a terrific site. I never knew there were so many Fleetwoods. I live in Ontario, Canada, my father is Ronald George Fleetwood, his brother Anthony John Fleetwood, and their father, George Fleetwood from England. That's all I know about us but will inform my aunt who has researched our family tree somewhat. Once again, wonderful site.

Charles Moore
Feb 11, 2001 22:36

Visited your website. My ancestor was William Fleetwood b 1700~ in Bertie County NC. He may have been descended from VA Fleetwood's. As you no doubt know, there are some Fleetwood's that go back to the Knights of Lancaster in 1300. Thanks!

Alan Rimmer
Feb 16, 2001 14:56

Hello from Fleetwood Lancashire U.K. Fleetwood is a town built by Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood in 1836.  I have always been very proud of my home town Fleetwood, and your web site makes very interesting reading. Best wishes to you all.

Lynn and John Fleetwood
Feb 18, 2001 14:07

Fantastic to find such a site.  Our niece told us about it.  We are trying to trace our part of the Fleetwood tree.  We are looking for descendants of Robert, Dorothy and Fred Fleetwood who came from London.  We think Fred emigrated to New Zealand.  If anyone can help, please contact us.  Many Thanks.

Susan Seidl
Feb 24, 2001 00:25

Hi Ken, Just taking another look at your web site to see what's been added. I love this! You really have one of the best genealogy sites I've seen. It's wonderful. Cousin Susan

Debra D. Lorenzo
Mar 1, 2001 04:34

I am the daughter of David Fleetwood.

Becki Verser Larson
Mar 21, 2001 23:08

Ken, I got to your site while searching the Henson surname. Although I see no connection between our Henson families, I enjoyed your site. I love the way you've added in pictures..they add a lot!! I hope your family appreciates your efforts..may the future hold many great leads and finds. Becki

Carol Butler
Mar 29, 2001 21:19

It was very nice.

Roland Wm. Robinson
Mar 31, 2001 16:49

Dear sir, as a Prestonian, who has spent a great deal of time in Fleetwood, I'M ashamed to admit, I know very little of her history. I've heard the name, [Fleetwood], since I was a boy, my father sailed from there as a ship's engineer, fishing Icelandic waters for the cod for quite a number of years, in between the two world wars. My own links with Fleetwood, was as a crane driver here at what used to be, [The Port of Preston]. I was there from 1959 until its closure in 1981.I was also a good friend of a former mayor of Fleetwood, a Mr. Tom Irvine who was a Union representative of the t&g.w.u., the dockers union. What I've read up to now on your site, has open my eyes, and I've found it extremely interesting. Good luck with the site I'll come on site again for another good read. Roland W. Robinson.

Alan Lee Fleetwood
Apr 6, 2001 22:35

Great Job!!! My family and I live in Delaware. I am originally from Sussex County, Delaware, where my ancestors lived. The first Fleetwood that I know of in America (or at least in Delaware) is William Fleetwood who arrived on March 3, 1683 and Settled in Sussex County, Delaware, one year after William Penn acquired the area from the Duke of York. Thank you for all of the hard work you have put into this site. I hope to have time someday to do further research. Keep up the good work.

Jesper Robert William Fleetwood
Apr 9, 2001 19:07

I'm here dudes!

Wayne Dominick Fleetwood
Apr 19, 2001 15:20

Impressive website. I am originally from Wilmington Delaware, my fathers name was Thomas Evan Fleetwood and my mothers name was Anna May Hopkins. My grandfathers name was Brooks Fleetwood. My father was a naval officer and he and my mother divorced early in my life. I have been told I have several half-brothers and sisters. I believe they are living in PA, VA, and MD. If anyone can help with information I would greatly appreciate it.

Pat Fleetwood
Apr 26, 2001 14:33

Gosh - I wonder if you are any relative of my husband's!!

Teresa Nagunst Van Horn
Apr 29, 2001 16:55

Was on the Net and looking for Nagunst/Nahkunst family tree members, would like to touch base with them for family history information. Thanks for being listed on the Net. Evidently we are connected through Martini/Philip Nagunst marriage. Would love to hear from anyone who has information. Also, if Robert Helms checks in on this message, would like to exchange information on Helms. My maternal grandmother was a Helms, Fayetta Ellen Helms, daughter of Alice and Elmer Alveral Helms.

Judy Chamberlain nee FLEETWOOD
May 10, 2001 19:06

My father, John Arnold Fleetwood, now nearly 91 years old, researched his ancestry many years ago. He was born in Walthamstow, England. Most of his research was carried out on old parish records in Epsom in Surrey and the surrounding area. He traced us back to King Edward I and came across links with the Waldegrave family and also Oliver Cromwell, something to do with Cromwell's daughter marrying a Fleetwood, I believe. There is a missing link in the 18th century where no records could be found for one generation (perhaps an illegitimacy and therefore no baptism records) but the line then picked up again. I remember as a child we were visited by a Count Fleetwood from Sweden whose family shared our tradition of descending from Edward I. General Fleetwood, an ancestor, was one of the regicides of Charles I. DOES ANY OF THIS RING ANY BELLS WITH ANYONE? LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. Judy Chamberlain (nee Fleetwood).

Eric R. Fleetwood
May 17, 2001 03:48

I really could use some direction in trying to find my ancestors in Alabama and the surrounding area. If you have any info or ideas, I would be very grateful. thank you, Eric R. Fleetwood ERFLEETWOOD@AOL.COM

Eric R. Fleetwood
May 17, 2001 04:00

Also I need to mention my great-grandparents were Henry & Dora Meers Fleetwood from south Alabama and grandparents were Henry Albert & Merlee Nettie Mallet Fleetwood of De Funiak Springs, Florida also they were in Pensacola, Fl and Mobile, Al. Thank you again very much and I hope for the continued success of your web-site. Sincerely, Eric R. Fleetwood Montgomery, Alabama

Adam Fleetwood
May 20, 2001 15:55

Hello. This is a very interesting web site. I am Adam G. Fleetwood born of Glenn Alen Fleetwood of Henry Ed Fleetwood from Salisaw Ok. He was a registered Cherokee Indian and I know he has some more living relatives still in Salisaw Ok. My uncles live in Tenn. and I live in Little Rock Ar. It is good to see this web site. If anyone has any info on my line of relatives, please let me know. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Connie Bishop
Jun 2, 2001 01:52

I'm impressed! A wonderful site. No relation that I know of, but Ronnie Fleetwood asked me to jump in and have a look around. Since my people were in Howell Co, there's possibilities, and I plan to come again.

Barbara Hubbard
Jun 10, 2001 22:10

I am related to the Fleetwoods. in the line of Acey Fleetwood. He married my second cousin Myrtle Newingham. Her father was Uncle Lewis Newingham. Do you have anything on the Newingham family? It would be greatly appreciated. ........from Barbara Hubbard in Poplar Bluff, Missouri....thank you.

Carolyn Fleetwood
Jun 15, 2001 00:30

I'm proud that my family has such a neat site!

Brandy Atkinson
Jun 28, 2001 01:37

Hey just wanted to say that you have put alot of time and great work into making this web-site. I personally want to say hello to my dear friends Ronnie, Garron and Sue Fleetwood. I feel honored to have seen your family tree site, looks like a great family here. Sincerely-Brandy

Cathy Fleetwood Landers
Jul 7, 2001 15:48

Great website! I learned a lot about my ancestors, which are Ray Fleetwood, John Isaac Fleetwood, Boyd Fleetwood, Isaac Fleetwood, James Fleetwood, Isaac Fleetwood.. Before discovering the message pages and your site and Joseph Fleetwood's site, I only knew up to Boyd and Phebe, and had no idea of the Indiana/Virginia connections. Thanks again. Cathy Landers

Kena Fleetwood Marlow
Jul 15, 2001 16:45

Hello, my name is Kena Fleetwood I was looking on some information about my family background. My grandfather was Charlie Fleetwood he married Mryle Scott, that is all I know about my Fleetwood background and don't know many more, except that Charlie and Mryle and two kids a boy and a girl there names are Janealle Fleetwood McClain and Kenneth Phil Fleetwood, Kenneth Phil Fleetwood is my father him and my mother when they were married had me and my brother Tony Wayne Fleetwood, and my full name is Kena Leighann Fleetwood Marlow. I would like to know some more information and don't know where to look, I thought you might know my family, I think Charlie Fleetwood had a sister named opal, but I am not really for sure I don't know much of Charlie's family. well thanks for your time and please e-mail me some information to k_fleetwood@hotmail.com if you have any that is. thanks Kena

Cathy Landers
Jul 19, 2001 00:03

Great web page. Hope it keeps expanding.

Spence Fleetwood
Jul 28, 2001 17:53

Hello there, just surfing the web and came across your excellent site. This is Spence Fleetwood from Irby Wirral North West England UK wishing you health happiness and good fortune. Regards, Spence Fleetwood

Brenda Fleetwood Carney
Sep 1, 2001 08:43

I have been wondering about Isaac Fleetwood, he could be the son of John Fleetwood, Somerset County, Maryland (Now Nanticoke Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware).. John had at least three sons, Nehemiah, Luke and John. He came to DE. with 2 other Fleetwood's, possibly his brothers, Thomas and William. Isaac has to be related to this family, there was only one Fleetwood found in the 1600 and that was William Fleetwood who sailed on the ship Amity, up the Delaware River and landed in New Jersey, 3 Aug. 1682, be is believed to be the father of all the Fleetwood's in Delaware and could be the father of Isaac. I enjoyed your Web page and will visit again. Thank you for the great job Brenda

Shelley Renee' Fleetwood
Sep 2, 2001 12:07

Dear Fleetwood family tree provider, I'm curious if anyone on this guest page knew of Guy Durwood Fleetwood, Sr.? Your Fleetwood family tree was the only info that I have been able to find. If anyone has any info on this man named Guy, please e-mail me, I would be so excited to hear from you!!!!!!!!! THANKS, a MrsFitToy!

Nicole Simmons
Sep 9, 2001 01:16

I loved your site! Thanks for all your hard work and effort. I got a lot of new information out of it. I come from the Adam Fleetwood and Jenny Pritchett line-their son Adam Fleetwood. If anyone has info concerning Jenny Pritchett's background I'd love to hear from you.

Patsy Fleetwood
Oct 9, 2001 19:37

My husband's 4th great grandfather was also Isaac Fleetwood he was from Indiana too, I have some of the same records that you have.

Keith Cox
Oct 21, 2001 16:03

a good web site. the pictures of old Fleetwoods - two are my great uncles David Fleetwood-Andrew Fleetwood-the boy Willie died this summer he was 100 yo I still have an uncle alive Walter and my mother Effie Cox Walter is 84 and mother is 82 my aunt Sadie passed away 5 years ago at 96 yo her father was Huie Fleetwood my grandfathers brother William c. Fleetwood his father was Jackson Fleetwood im not convinced who his father was maybe thomas fleetwood or adam fleetwood who came to mo maybe he adopted him some of the indiana fleetwoods could clear this up for me thank you for reading this and this web sight

Dorian Mell
Oct 28, 2001 02:35

I am writing from Colton, Oregon. My great grandfather was William Fleetwood (married Kezia Bell Ruddle) of Lacey Washington. He was the son of Shadrack Fleetwood who moved to Washington about 1864 and was the son of Isaac Fleetwood who fought in the revolutionary war - so I believe we are related. I would like to hear from any of our relations. My email is iwcwv@colton.com. Thanks for creating such a great web site.

Anthony Victor Fleetwood
Nov 2, 2001 16:46

Interesting family site, well done. I am trying to trace my family tree through my aunt Christalbel Mary Fleetwood (Born 25 Dec. 1895 - London, England). Emigrated to US in 1920's and married an M.DeGrechie and had a son Robert Albert. Her father was Albert Riley Fleetwood (B. 1 June 1866 Died 14 Jan 1911) Her mother Angelina Gardiner Jenkins. Her grandfather was a John Fleetwood. Does anybody have a link please?

Troyce & Melissa Fleetwood
Nov 4, 2001 15:50

This is our first time on this website. I (Troy) have pictures of my family that you have on this website. My Father was King David Fleetwood, born in 1911, Douglas County. South of Squires, Mo. I have some pictures that might interest you. I hope to hear from you.

Michael John Fleetwood
Nov 12, 2001 11:35

Hi, I live in the UK and my family come from the Lancashire area - wonder if there is any link to yours? Mike.

Thomas Edwin Fleetwood
Nov 25, 2001 12:36

I still need to study you genelogy more but was thrilled to find a Fleetwood page for Missouri Fleetwoods. I was born in Columbia MO in 1935, my father, Jasper Ross Fleetwood was born in Pierce City MO in 1899 and his father Chauncey William Fleetwood was born in Michigan in 1875. Tom Fleetwood

Richard Alan Fleetwood
Dec 18, 2001 05:31

Great website. Saw my late dad's listing under the family tree maker user sites sections -- Roy Howard Fleetwood's site...thank you. Have made some major additions to our tree the past couple years, but I haven't updated his tree with the newest info. Like some already signed on this guestbook, my family descends from the Bertie County Fleetwoods. Best wishes to all for a safe and happy holiday season, and a joyful new year. Richard Fleetwood Lander, Wyoming

Carroll W. Simon
Jan 17, 2002 02:24

This web page is fantastic, if Uncle Marion could see it, he would be extremely proud.

Graham "Buster" Fleetwood
Feb 19, 2002 16:03

I live in birmingham england with my wife and three children i am employed as a biulding services engineer i would love to here from any other fleetwoods.

Kenneth Winfred Fleetwood
Feb 20, 2002 18:01

Hello,just got online and what a suprise!My father was Isaac Winfred Fleetwood b 11/15 in OK .His parents were Rose and Cal Fleetwood.

Patti Hall-Smith
Feb 27, 2002 14:33

hello, my name is patti hall- smith. I too am a decendent of Isaac Fleetwood. His daughter was my 4th great grandmother. Elizabeth Rebecca Fleetwood-Hall. Rebecca married Jesse Hall. Your site is absolutely awesome. would like to know if you have any further information regarding Elizabeth Rebecca Fleetwood-Hall. sincerly, patti hall-smith.

Stacy Coleman Wood
Mar 1, 2002 18:02

You have created a wonderful site!!! Keep up the fantastic work. I loved the pictures of the Missouri Ozarks. I have lots of family that has been in southern Missouri for a long time. I'm actually a descendant of the Alsup's. So you can understand how I got to your web page. :-) Anyway I want to post my surnames and maybe there will be some leads to one of my brick walls. My surnames are Alsup, Phenix (bad brick wall), Collins, Dollins, Weatherford, courtney, Playforth, Coleman, Sanders, Messer, Hampshire. My Coleman name is another big brick wall. The counties that they were in were Howell, Douglas, Ozark, Dallas, and Jasper. Again, this is a great site.

Bette Miller Radewald
Mar 13, 2002 15:36

Wonderful work--not only creating such a useful website but also the research you have accomplished. I connect this way: my mother Eva Christine (Aldridge) Miller dau/Mary Etta (Fleetwood) Aldridge dau/Isaac C. Fleetwood s/James Fleetwood s/Isaac Fleetwood of Rev War. Have considerable material which duplicates yours but will happily share. Most eager to contact Kenneth Winifred Fleetwod, Cathy Fleetwood Landers, Emma Fleetwood Linder, and Josephine Fleetwood's gdau Laura (all of these names from your register) who are descended through Isaac C. Fleetwood. Have been away from genealogy for years but am working to re-connect!

Cheryl Johnson
Mar 14, 2002 22:15

Hi Ken. I love the picture's of Brown's Cave and Bryant Creek. My favorite place in the entire world! I am the great, great, great granddaughter of Thomas S. Brown whom the cave is named after and who is also buried in Yates Cemetery near your Fleetwood family My grandfater, Clifford Woolman and his parents and his wife's parents are all buried there also. I was there last Memorial weekend for the first time in 20 years and enjoyed seeing family that I missed through the years. You know that Thomas Brown came from Indiana also? Keep up the good work, it is nice to find picture that mean so much to me online by surprise!

Cathy Fleetwood Landers
Apr 4, 2002 22:20

Hi Kenneth, I enjoy the website. I have tried to email you but do not know if it got through to the aol address. I just sent Joseph Fleetwood my grandfather, John Isaac Fleetwood's descendants. His ancestry is John I.

Jack L.Cordle
Apr 8, 2002 00:55

My gr.gr.gr. Grandfather was William Fleetwood from Armuche,GA.Any info.on this side of the family,I would appreciate.Nice web site.

Mark Fleetwood
May 9, 2002 15:36

hello from Mark Fleetwood in Caernarfon in north wales, great britain

Carol Tovey (nee Fleetwood)
Jun 6, 2002 05:43

My maiden name was Fleetwood, born November 1960. My father is Brian, born 1935, believe in Birmingham, England, raised in Birmingham. Can this link to anyone?

Larry Fleetwood Jr.
Jun 6, 2002 21:35

here is some info. for you,I am Acey's grandson by seeing Jr. you know my dads name is Larry Fleetwood, Aceys son. I dont know if you are aware of all of Larrys childrens names and grandchildrens names but i would be glad to supply that information if you are interested this was something I just came up on and it is very good to find out.thank you and God Bless!!

Mary Lou Bettess
Jul 29, 2002 18:45

Hi I married into the Bettess family. My husbands father was born in Fleetwood (George). His fathers name was Frederick Bettess who was born in Padstow Cornwall but died in Fleetwood. His wifes name was Margaret Ann Bond who was born and died in Fleetwood. They had 11 children. Maria,William,Lawrence, Richard, Isabella, Frederick,Robert, Edward, George Bond (my husband's father),Margaret. There was one more but died around 5 or 6 years of age. We do not know what her name was. We have been able to get in touch via e-mail to Bettess's in Australia and USA and other parts of the UK. We are the only Bettess's in Canada. We were able to get a picture of this family with the little girl who died was inserted into the picture. I would very much like to know if there are any descents of this family still living in Fleetwood you know of. I love your web page. Yours truly Mary Lou and David Bettess

John Chance
Aug 6, 2002 19:39

The updated version is nice. The picture of the family that allows the viewer to see the name of the members in the picture doesn't seem to be working. Here's an update to our family geneology: Terry Wayne Chance (son of Freda Kay Fleetwood) was married on July 28th, 2002 to Joley Franks. They now reside in Overland Park, Kansas.

Ryan Mason
Aug 29, 2002 18:08

Hy im 12 years old and my great grandfather was speedy Fleetwood. I really enjoy looking at this site. I like to see who my ansesters are.

Cornelia Amiri
Sep 3, 2002 00:19

You have a wonderful web site. I have researched my Pritchett family line of Virginia and Missouri at http://coramiri.tripod.com/62681family/ I am very proud of my welsh heritage and my first two novels celebrate my Celtic heritage as The Fox Prince takes place in 5th century Britain and One Heart One Way takes place in 8th century Wales at Dinas Bran.

Gordon Bell
Sep 9, 2002 01:12

What wonderful reading this has been. I am a Grandson of Edward Fleetwood of Chariton County, MO. Did not see if these were connected but maybe. I will do some more searching and find out. I will keep you appraised as to what I find. I live in St. Louis now and have two children. Thanks for the web site.

Carol Peterason
Sep 13, 2002 20:26

My Greatgrandfather was named George Austen Fleetwood (could have been Austin) do you have any information on him? I know he lived in Indianapolis, Inidiana when he passed away about 1926 or maybe 1927? Our family didn't talk much about where they came from or other relatives - which is kind of sad. Someone in the family said they came up White River but from where I do not know. Any information would be appreciated.

Willam F. Fleetwood
Sep 15, 2002 16:41

i am a great grandson of jesse & A great great grandson of old isaac enjoyed your web site

Anne Elizabeth Fleetwood
Sep 21, 2002 01:12

Hi I am from Queensland Australia. My father is Trevor John Fleetwood. His father was Henry Charles Fleetwood. Born in England.Don't know much else about him died befroe i was born, if anyone can help would be great. Just starting family tree.

Scott Fleetwood
Oct 5, 2002 10:42

I am a decsendent of old Issac and my family lives in Bloomington, IN. Great Website!!

Earline Burks White
Oct 29, 2002 14:38

I accidentally stumbled on your website while searching for my ancestors, but enjoyed it any way, it is very good. The names I am searching for are: BURKS, HINESLEY, BOATRIGHT, TALLY, MILAM, STALLINGS, WHITAKER, ROUNDTREE, EDWARDS, RICHARDS, CAMP, LAMBERT, PARKER, PHILLIPS, LASSETTER, HILL, BROWN, BELL plus several others.

Raymond Arthur Fleetwood
Nov 22, 2002 15:09

I have just brought your website up. In the early to mid 1990's my wife and I got quite involvedthis research and hit an {absolute) dead end. In l997 my wife, Helen, died and I am just attempting to see if I have the capability and desire to pick it up again. We totally stalled out on my great-grandfather White Fleetwood. He was born 1800---1802. He died sometime in the 1880's in Rush county, Indiana and is buried in a private cemetary in Williamstown, Indiana, just inside the southern boundary of Rush county (graves are unmarked). I don't know if he was born in Ky. or just lived there partof his life. At one time he owned property in Battleground, Ky. I thought I would check your site for any possibleleads. Thanks for making this info available. Ray Fleetwood

Judy (Fleetwood) Smith
Dec 4, 2002 20:35

Hi - ran across your site on google.com. My maiden name was Fleetwood but my grandfather came to Alberta, Canada and homesteaded some land here in 1905. So I suppose we maybe are related somewhere way back. Did your ancestors come from England originally - it seems as if it is a very English name. Anyway - keep up the good work and I will check back once in a while to see what is happening. Thanks Judy

Carla Blankenship Bryce
Jan 5, 2003 19:19

Youve done a EXCELLENT job with your Family History.I still havent found anything on Nina Fleetwood.I do know shes burid in Spring Creek Cemetery by Ava.Keep up the good work! Carla

Howard Fleetwood
Jan 14, 2003 21:50

look forward to perusing through you site when i have some more spare time .regds howard

Wanda Wagner
Jan 27, 2003 21:48

I have discovered your website and enjoy reading it. I am a decendant of William Columbus Fleetwood. He was my Grandfather on my mothers side of the family. We are continuing our research on the Fleetwood families and believe we are also decendants of "Old Isaac". I am continually trying to tie up the loose ends. As soon as I have something that is actual facts I will publish it to this site. You are doing such a great job. Thank You and keep it up.

Larry & Patricia Fleetwood
Jan 28, 2003 23:56

Well it has been since June of last year that I dropped by and our address has changed. Site looks great! Good Job Ken!

Sandra Delk
Feb 13, 2003 00:37

your site has been great. grace merle fleetwood was my mother-in-law. she married joseph noel delk, jan.2, 1923 in love, ms. my husband, james j. delk did not know much about the fleetwoods until now. we are working on the delk family history to be published as soon as we get it all together. of course, we are going back as far as we can, but it's not easy. we are trying to get information on john noel delk, joseph noel delk's grandfather. grace and joseph had 14 children, at this time, there are 6 living. they had many grandchildren and so on. thanks so much for the information. our history is going to be much more extended than most. we keep thinking of all these children to be born, that will know nothing of their family history. sandra delk kentucky

Feb 15, 2003 13:50

Hi just browsing but would love to find my father an american service man called richard fleetwood stationed in west london uk 1956/7/8 he was already married with children in the states , but is my father of which his wife was aware.If someone could let me know where it might look for such information please e-mail mark@ballantyne.fsbusiness.co.uk Mark Ballantyne Headcorn Kent Uk

Michael A. Fleetwood
Mar 6, 2003 14:36

Very interesting- There are still some Fleetwoods on east coast though the rest of my relatives are in California. Regards, Michael Fleetwood Savannah, GA

Mar 6, 2003 21:37

Just wondering if you are aware of any Fleetwood males that married into the Fudge family of Missouri. (My grandfather's sister, Minerva C. Fudge, married John Fleetwood) I know little about the Fleetwood family, but thought since both families had ties to same general area that there might be a tie.. Enjoyed you web site..

Garon Fleetwood
Mar 16, 2003 20:19

Hi I am the son of Ronnie Lewis Fleetwood and Lisa Dianne Grimes. The grandson of the late Acey Fleetwood and Myrtle Fleetwood. I really enjoyed looking at the site and I keep checking back for updates. Keep up the good work. God Bless All of You!!

Lindy Fleetwood
Apr 12, 2003 15:55

We research Fleetwood family trees in the uk and have lots of information regarding uk branches anyone wishing please make contact we could be able to assist you it is great fun finding all these Fleetwoods across the uk.

Naoma Fleetwood Ruark
May 09, 2003 23:23

My dad, W. Lile Fleetwood, b. 1908 in New Jersey, was a scientific scholar and an avid genealogist and had records going back into the 1600s. You probably know that we are all descended from British royalty. Charles and George Fleetwood were barons in England in the mid-17th century. Charles married a daughter of Oliver Cromwell and was appointed Lord Protectorate of Ireland. The family owned a castle, which is still called the Fleetwood Castle and, I believe, is used as a museum. They were ardent supporters of the Puritan movement and, according to historical records, were the financial backers of John Owen, a very prominent preacher and thinker in the movement. Many Fleetwoods died for their faith when Charles II ascended the throne. Others fled to America or to Sweden. In Sweden the title Baron or Baroness is still used with the family name. About 30 years ago someone named Baroness Fleetwood from Sweden was often mentioned in the social news. The name means "river by the woods." In England today, it is still a name honored by those who love history.

Jeffrey Scott Fleetwood
May 11, 2003 18:24

Great web page! My grandfather was put on a train to Michigan by his American Indian mother when he was a young teen never to see her again. So finding out about our family has been very difficult. This web page is the first sign of hope to putting together the pieces. Please contact me if you can help.

Brent Fleetwood
May 16, 2003 21:46

I am Brent Fleetwood son of Lyman Fleetwood and Grandson of Patrick Fleetwood of Missouri. I am part of the Oklahoma branch of the Fleetwood family. I am tracing my family tree back through Missouri. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Brent Fleetwood Tulsa,OK. sbfleet@aol.com

Christine Marie Fleetwood
May 17, 2003 01:30

I'm not sure exactly where my roots go either. My grandparents I do know are from Brown county Indiana Luther and Esther Fleetwood I think my great grandfathers name was Jesse at least thats what my grandma thinks it was Luther had 2 brothers and three sisters one brother was Otis, i forgot the other one and his sisters forgive the spelling are Iaisa, Daisa, and Laisa

Jimmie Dale Fleetwood
May 26, 2003 21:21

Just reviewing your home page. GREAT JOB!!!! Haven't done any research on my Family but I do know we have realitives in Mossuri. You could be one. My fathers name was Limon Floyd Fleetwood and his father was Patric Fleetwood. Thats all iI know. Mom and dad deviorsed when I was 3 and I haven't had much contact with that side of the family.

Patricia Evon Brown
Jun 10, 2003 01:27


Ellie May
Jun 21, 2003 05:13

Hey Kenny!! Haven't visited in awhile...like to stop by to see if anything new has been added. You've done such a wonderful job...and a lot of hard work here!!!...I hope you are continuing!Hope all is going well for you!!

Kevin Fleetwood
Jun 21, 2003 05:59

Interesting website keep up the good work.

Barbara Heaton
Jul 02, 2003 14:24

I logged onto your site, as I am originally from Fleetwood, Lancashire, England. A town founded by a Fleetwood I have been told. Looking for more clues. You have a very informative site, and your family must be proud of all the efforts put into building such a deep picture. Good luck

Wanda Fleetwood Gott
Jul 14, 2003 22:57

Hello Ken, Great job! I am one of Acey Fleetwood's daughter. I'm married to Richard Gott and I have a son, Richard Dean Gott and a daughter, Rhonda Gott Noll.

Julie Marko
Jul 22, 2003 00:07

This is a great site! I am a descendant of Isaac's through the Adam Fleetwood line. His daughter, Julia Ann Fleetwood Coffman, is my great great grandmother. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Jeanette Richart
Aug 04, 2003 14:26

It's been a while, but I see you have made so many helpful improvements. Wonderful web site. Your Indiana friend Jeanette

Tanny Crawford Handley
Aug 29, 2003 09:50

I believe I am also a descendant of Isaac Fleetwood. It has been so long since I worked on my tree I can't remember which son. My grandmother was Annie Lee Fleetwood, her father was William Wesley, and I think her grandfather was Solomon, but not sure. If you are interested in this branch, let me know. Thanks for your info. Tanny

Robert Fleetwoood
Aug 31, 2003 23:52

Hey man this is the first time ive actually looked at the page and it rocks.

Judy Keith
Sep 06, 2003 14:56

Isaac Fleetwood is my 4th generation Grandpa. His Daughter Rebecca married Jesse Hall. Their son Isaac Jude Hall also moved to Douglas County Missouri somtime between 1856 and 1859. He was murdered in Douglas county in 1869. I don't have any details and no one in my dads family seem to know anything about it. Isaac Judes son Isaac Jackson served the Union during the Civil War. HIs daughter Joyce was my grandmother. She married a Rippee and then my Grandpa John McVay. My parents, sister, and my sisters children and grandchildren continue to live in Douglas county. I live in nearby Wright County.

Chase Godwin
Sep 08, 2003 08:17

friend of derrill jay martin jr. son of derrill jay martin sen. and beck jo fleetwood. thanks for all those great times and memories they will forever be in my heart. friends of the fam. chase

Mrs. Johnson
Sep 24, 2003 19:52

I was just looking up history about Ava or Douglas Co. Missouri and I came a cross your site. My family is from all around their and I live there. I know Fleetwoods and I sent your site to one of them.

Diane Johnstone (nee Fleetwood UK)
Oct 03, 2003 10:57

Great Page. Contacted some relatives hadn't spoken to for a while, keep up the good work.

Harry Fleetwood
Oct 04, 2003 00:10

Very interesting site

Jacqueline Marie Fleetwood
Oct 19, 2003 17:58

What a beautiful web site you have created.

Timothy Aaron Fleetwood, Sr.
Oct 22, 2003 21:55

I was just wanting to know if there was a E Fleetwood Engineer that lived in nigeria please let me know

Marilyn Mercer
Oct 24, 2003 18:55

I am helping a friend David Fleetwood to research his family. This site is great! He and his wife live at Kurrajong and my husband and I live at Windsor in New South Wales, Australia. I will pass your details to David at my Rotary meeting next Thursday. Warmest wishes, Marilyn

Scherrie Workman, Hughes, Hailey, Burkhart, Severns
Oct 31, 2003 01:34

Very Interesting story. Enjoyed reading it. Scherrie Workman Hughes Hailey Severns Burkhart Adams Roberts Mitchell Applegate Hull Sweargin Loveland Thompson Hall Anderson Gray Justice Andrew Loveland Sanders.

John Wesley Fleetwood
Nov 21, 2003 12:06

My father was John William Fleetwood whose family came from Pleasant Hope and Springfield, Missouri. When he died in l950 (at Tonopah, Nevada, age approximately 31), a few relatives came to the funeral from Missouri. The only name I can remember is Aunt Bertha. If you have any info, please e-mail me. Thank you .... John Wesley Fleetwood

Debra Fleetwood
Nov 24, 2003 13:05

I just wana know my family history. I was born in Minot North Dakota on Monday October 8, 1990 at 10:26am. My parents were Debra Ann Fleetwood and Kelly Ray Short.

Howard J Goodman
Dec 05, 2003 03:11

Great Site!! Old Iassac was my 4th Grandfather,too,went back to Indiana a few years ago and found his grave at the Pleasant Run Church Cemetary!I am descended from Thomas,Etc,Etc to Drucilla Fleetwood,then Bertha Heatherly(Ward), Opal Goodman(Ward). I know for a fact that the story you have printed about the Alsup-Fleetwood Feud is so wrong,it was put in the Missouri Historical Review by a College scholar about 1922 as supposedly told to him by an old "Uncle" Jim Alsup! It is so full of lies and distortions that when I first read the account in the Kansas City Star,I called the paper up and got ahold of the reporter who had believed it to be true and did NOT check any further before printing it!! I told him how enraged I was over that BS he put in the paper! After hearing me out,he offered to print the TRUE story as contained in the Douglas County History which is in the Ava,Mo library.As we had just moved to eastern Jackson County, Mo from Denver,Colo and were living in a 5th wheel trailer til we could get our new home built.All my papers,etc were in a new pole barn and could not be located for over a year,but,true to his word,the Reporter, James Fisher printed the right story and admitted in the KC Star that he hadn`t checked his sources before printing the original story!! According to reports at the time,about 1860, There had been as many as 200 killed on both sides in this feud! It has never received the publicity that the Hatfield-McCoy feud got,yet,MANY more people were killed in the Alsup-Fleetwood Feud!! Supposedly, the movie Shepard of the Hills was based on this Feud.I believe it was made about 1941 with a young John Wayne and Walter Pigeon starring in it! I have the articles from the KC Star if you are interested in reading them and CORRECTING the stuff that you now have listed about the feud! Sincerly,your distant Cousin, Howard

Craig Fleetwood
Dec 17, 2003 12:30

Hello from Canada, there is a group of 20 Fleetwoods located here in the Toronto Ontario area.

Astra Fleetwood
Jan 25, 2004 08:14

Hi, I was just browsing the net, and came across this page, youve done a lot of work here! Well done! I dont know if I am any relation, probably not, but my name is Astra Fleetwood, from Adelaide, Australia.

Kevin Fleetwood
Jan 28, 2004 12:47

Fancy that, Craig Fleetwood is my brother, it's a small internet world.... Im one of the 20 or so in the Toronto, Ontario area. Proud to carry the Fleetwood name! Holla!

Ellen Jones
Feb 04, 2004 19:52

Hi, You have done an excellent job on your site. . Related to Isaac thru his dau. Rebecca m. to Jesse Hall Sr. their son Jesse Hall Jr. m. Rebecca Aynes, his dau. Sarah m. William Henry Moore. He is my great grandfather on maternal side of family. I too am looking for Information on Rebecca Fleetwood.

Paula Lattimer
Feb 09, 2004 11:18

I'm looking for a man named David Russell Fleetwood, aged 34-35, who once lived in the northeastern North Carolina/Gates County area. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Lisa Detmer
Feb 16, 2004 10:17

I am looking for any info on the following Fleetwood's, Lula Arssia Sara Brandy Marie Fleetwood (Matthews) born on Jan 9th 1912 in Seymoore, Mo death is unknown her parents were Julins Argusta Fleetwood born Feb. 2nd 1847 died Feb. 12th 1957 (Ava, Mo) his wife Mae Bell (Storng) Fleetwood born on July 28th 1877 died on Feb. 25th 1925 (Ava, MO). I know that Lula is 1/2 Cherokee Indian & Irish. If you or anyone that looks at your website have any info that would be great. Thanks,Lisa

Kimberley Fleetwood Stern
Feb 24, 2004 19:59

I have not been able to connect my family with yours, YET!!! I have visited some of the other links you have posted and I wanted to say thank you for posting them. Kim

Danny Fleetwood jr.
Apr 06, 2004 18:14

I always enjoy looking around your website. I see that you don't have the kids of Larry Fleetwood or all of the kids for Danny fleetwood both of whom are the son's of Acey and Myrtle Fleetwood. I am the eldest son of Danny and I will try and get you all of the info i can on the other kids. If I can help in any way let me know. My e-mail is dlfleetwood@hotmai.com

John Anthony Delk
Apr 08, 2004 20:57

Hi, I just thought I'd say hello. I am a decendent of Grace Merle Fleetwood. She was my Grandmother. I found your site through the help of Fabian Doles at Doles.org. I am currently researching my family tree and found your site very helpful. I guess that makes us cousins, but I'm not sure what generation. Well, have a nice day.

Bonnie L. Cook/Kenneth Cook
Apr 13, 2004 21:56

Hello Cousin, Your website is great!! My husband, Kenneth Cook, is decended from "Old Isaac" by Adam, Adam(m1 Abigail Shaler), Francis Marion "Tie" Fleetwood(m Elenor Narcissa Surbanna "Ban" Rice), Pearl Fleetwood(m William "Bill" Cook), William "John" Cook (m Roxie Faye Johns), Ora Kenneth Cook (m Bonnie L. Bailey). The story I heard concerning the adoption of Adam's children is that they were the children of either Solomon or Thomas that Adam adopted after the brothers were drowned in a rafting accident of the White River. Do you have any info on this. If it is true we'd sure like to know which of the brothers Ken is decended from. Thank you for the picture of Issac's headstone. Pleas keep up the great work. I've met with Joe and he is a treasure. We live at Mansfield. I'll stop in here from time to time. Thanks again for creating all this.

Christine Fleetwood
Apr 18, 2004 12:51

Hi everyone, I'm one of the Indiana Fleetwood's Anyone out there related I dont know about? My grandfather was Luther Fleetwood his father was William "Riley" Fleetwood and his Father was John Fleetwood and his father was Solomon Fleetwood who was the son of Issac Fleetwood - I think i got them all.lol My Great grandfather Riley Fleetwood married a Blackfoot Native named Margaret Wilkerson. Riley Died before my grandpa was born so he did not know his roots very well. I found all of this info on my family on the net. I've had alot of fun finding out my roots. thanks for the awsome site, Christine.

donald charles fleetwood
Apr 26, 2004 13:25

i dont think weor kin we are from va. donald fleetwood

Marie Mills
Apr 27, 2004 18:29

Great job!I was born in Douglas County in 1944 and lived at Ava until my family migrated to California in 1954. I haven't been back there since 1960 so I lost touch with any cousins still living in the area.I just recently found that I am decended from "Old Isaac". I'm sure my Dad knew some of the Fleetwood family history, but he never spoke of it.My line is;Isaac FleetwoodAdam FleetwoodAdam FleetwoodFrancis Marion (Ty Or Tie)FleetwoodJane FleetwoodGeorge (Ty) WardMarie Ward MillsMy dad was named Ty but didn't like it, so began calling himself George when he was still a child.My brothers are: Marvin Ray Ward (deceased), Donald Joe Ward (deceased), Dale Ward, Darrell Ward, Jimmie Lee Ward (deceased) and sisters Bonnie Cade and Brenda Rhyne. Thanks for your great site.

mrs Lyman Fleetwood
May 13, 2004 08:10


leigh fleetwood
May 27, 2004 16:16

Nice to here the history of the fleetwood name. My famaly is from england haven't found much on that yet but will keep trying, keep up the good work. Leigh Fleetwood

Debbie Fletcher Brown
Jun 13, 2004 01:27

This was great! You done a very nice job. I just happened upon this and recognized the Fleetwood name. I can't remember when or where I came across it but I have done some research in Douglas and Ozark County as my family is from there-Fletcher-Turner-Johnson. You keep up the good work. Debbie

George W. Fleetwood
Jun 15, 2004 02:14

I just found the Fleetwood web site, how interesting and good job!! Our branch of the family moved from Roger Williams Road Island colney in the 1680's and settled in Cumberland county in New Jersey. My grandfather Oscar L. Fleetwood was the first to leave the farm in our direct line. We now reside in Houston Texas.

James Ray Fleetwood
Jul 09, 2004 02:11

Great job on the web site, very complete. My family came from Georgia.

Christy L. Vail
Jul 11, 2004 18:14

You have a wonderful website! My sister and I are descendents of a family with the name Fleetwood. Our grandmother Bertha was one of five sisters from Jackson County Indiana. Her sisters were Helen, Verle, Ruth and Lesta. There mother's name was Dora Engle. We do not know the first name of their Fleetwood father. Our grandmother would have been born around the turn of the century I guess because my mother was born in l923 and I would guess that her mom was about 20 when she had her but I'm not sure. Can you be of any help? I thought that maybe we would be related to the Fleetwoods you have in generation number 2 from Jackson County Indiana. Thanks, Christy Vail

Jul 19, 2004 10:11


Sheryl Olsen
Jul 22, 2004 10:43

Loved your web page!! Was wondering if you might have any leads on my 2nd great grandfather, WILLIAM FLEETWOOD. On census records he is listed as William, Bill or William M, but on the death certificate filled out by his wife, Mary Jane Cummins Fleetwood, his name was WILLIAM COLUMBUS FLEETWOOD. In these census records he has his birth year anywhere from 1852 to 1871. According to the death certificate he died in 1951 at the age of 103 making his birthdate 9 June 1848. He was previously married to a Strong which is my great grandmother's, Mary Ellen Fleetwood,line. The Strong name came from my great grandmother's death certificate with the first name illegible but I think starts with an "E". I have found a William C. in 2 census records, but the birth year is 1862 to Jackson Fleetwood and Sarah A. Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

Theresa McKinley Foss
Aug 20, 2004 22:42

I am also descended from Isaac Fleetwood through his daughter Rebecca Elizabeth Fleetwood. She married Jesse Hall, Jan 15, 1812 in Floyd County, Ky. Their daughter Sarah Hall married James Chafin. Their son John Chafin married Mary Glines in Brown County, IN. Their daughter Cora Mae Chafin married William Archibald David of Brown County, IN. They moved to Illinois. I am descended from their daughter Wanda David (my grandmother). Thanks for the website.

Mary Fleetwood Nelson
Aug 22, 2004 18:12

Kenneth, thank you so very much for all the work and effort to connect us with our family. My lineage is: Earnest, Curtis, Francis Marion, Adam, Adam, Isaac. You have added so much to the information I already have! Much of what I have has come from family, various records, and an avid geneologist-Raymond Fleetwood. Keep up the good work! Thanks again.

Gary L. Leonard
Aug 31, 2004 17:50

My Grandfather's name was James (Jim) Fleetwood and lived in Seymour Missouri. My Grandmother's name was Verdie May Fleetwood. I wonder if we are related. You might check your tree to see if we are. Thanks Gary Leonard

Denis Williams
Sep 21, 2004 07:45

A very well set out site, very informative, and makes compelling reading. It must have taken you some considerable time, and painstaking searches to fulfill this amazing end product. Well done Sir.

Mary Fleetwood Nelson
Nov 07, 2004 21:55

Has anyone heard about a Fleetwood family bible-I was told by Raymond J. Fleetwood that Isaac's father was Jacob Fleetwood-according to a bible had by Richard Howard Fleetwood of Brown Co. IN. Richard passed away before I could talk with him. No one seems to know about the bible. That bible could be the missing link. Please respond if you know anything about the Fleetwood bible. Thanks. This web site is so fabulous!!!!!

John Fleetwood
Nov 08, 2004 20:24

Hi Iam the son of King David Fleetwood 1st time on this site very good

Stan Buckles
Nov 11, 2004 12:23

What a wonderful family web page! I am a descendant of Isaac Fleetwood's son, Solomen. He died in Indiana in 1904, a very old man. I do not know much about the Fleetwood Family, and that is how I came upon your site. Keep up the great work! Stan

Randy Downing
Nov 20, 2004 23:52

Hello Cousin, I am a decendant of Issac and Adam as well. Your site is very informative and the documents are really incredible to see. Thank you so much for sharing. I know how difficult this process can be. Decedancy Issac Fleetwood Adam Fleetwood/Janey Pritchett Adam Fleetwood/Abigail Shaler Franic Marion "Ty" Fleetwood/Elanor Narcissa Urbana Rice Lula Ethel Fleetwood/Robert Hosa Loftin Vivan Loftin/James Irvin Currier Norma Arvena Currier/Richard Downing Me The inforamation on the adoption was very interesting but I don't quite understand where the children came from. It list all of his children. Where Janey and Elizabeth the natural mother's?

Guenther Haak
Dec 25, 2004 09:59

Hi, I'm the son of Joseph Fleetwood and a German woman. I was born in 1946, and now I'm married and I have 7 children. Life wasn't always easy without knowing my own parents. Up to now I didn't ever see anyone of my american relatives, but I'm glad to know them now. Today it's christmas 2004, and so I have a little wish: I'd like to have contact to my american relatives, no matter whether pictures, letters (or both) or whatever... If youre a relative of mine and you appreciate my wish, please send a letter to: Guenther Haak street: Heudorfer Strasse 7 city: D-27726 Worpswede phone: +49-4794-330 You also can send an email to my son, who will then forward everything to me: onnohaak@gmx.de God bless you !

Eva Mae Forister Daughter of Florence Marie Fleetwood
Jan 07, 2005 14:13

My mother was the daughter of Jim Fleetwood, who had a sister, Goldie Fleetwood. He lived in Douglas / Webster county and died in Seymore Missouri. I know that there is an Adam and Issac in his family line. I am very interested in my mothers family history. Thank you very much for your webside.

Phillip Fleetwood
Feb 10, 2005 20:10

Very nice web page!! Do you know anything about the Fleetwood's from Washington IN?? Clarance Fleetwood born 1892 or 1893??

marion hall/mother's name velma fleetwood/daughter of mat fleetwood sr.
Mar 04, 2005 19:09

This is great news, always wanted to know something about my grandfather and his side of the family. Just met Matt,Jr.'s children. Although you don't have ant thing on my mother and her brother T.J.and granddad and my grandmother Cora's marriage.They was married in Arkansas Sept.6,1924. Thanks again. Marion Hall

Frank Fleetwood
Mar 04, 2005 21:03

Very Good. My grandfather Henry Fleetwood married in 1725 and a kind person in UK sent me an email with most of his descendants but i need some compies of birth certificates and/or death certificates and not sure how to obtain them. I was born in Yorkshire england 2 November 1926 and emigrated to New Zealand in February 1927 and am still here I have FTM 2005 and struggling to complete all the details i have gathered. Your Web Page is quite flash Regards..

Ruth Lorene (Martini) Belcher
Mar 29, 2005 01:36

Great site! A lot of good info. I'm the daughter of Barbara Ellen (Martini) Fleetwood. Here is a little added info on my little twig of this great and mighty tree. Brian Belcher's full name is William Brian Belcher,II. He adopted Sarena Jay, Nathaniel Isaiah, and Daniel Owen. They now have the Sir name of Belcher. This happened in Sept. 2000. I am enterested in talking and,or typing with family.

Teresa L Davis Konoski
Apr 09, 2005 16:43

This is a wonderful site with all the information I've preused in the past and then some. I'm the 4th great granddaughter of Adam Fleetwood. My 3rd great-grandfather is Andrew Jackson Fleetwood. Andrew Jackson Fleetwood was in the Civil War and it is through his Pension papers I found out he was married to Sarah Ann Watson the d/o William Watson and Elizabeth from Gasconade County. This disproves most documentation that shows he was married to Sarah Ann Ingram Fleetwood, Isaac Fleetwood's adopted daughter. So my next task is to find out more about Sarah Ann Watson. I've found that the Fleetwoods are a challenging group to research especially in the Ozarks. My Great-Great-Grandfather William Columbus Fleetwood married a Nancy Jane Strong. It has been passed down that she was an Indian won at a horse race at Fox Creek race track. She very beautiful and had long black hair. She died of TB in about 1899 and had many children who died. She is said to be buried on Fox creek but we cannot find any more information on her. She is not listed with any the Strong families in Ozark or Douglas county previous to her marriage. Another story told to me by my Grandmother Goldie Ann Rippee Davis the daughter of Minnie Bell Fleetwood Rippee and Thomas Black Rippee is the story of the accident that killed two Fleetwood brothers and three Todd brothers. Solomon & Thomas Fleetwood and James, William, and George Todd (3 brothers-in-law of Solomon and Thomas) were drowned on a raft on the White River located in Indiana in 1851. There are many stories still that were passed down through generations about the Fleetwoods. It would be wonderful if there was an area where we could post them all from everyone to share. Again, thank you for providing such a wonderful site!

Apr 24, 2005 14:11


Nick Fleetwood
May 07, 2005 19:32

Wow, Very interesting to see the history of what possible could be the answers on how we got to live in New Zealand. Grande,

Sharon (Patterson) Cook
May 29, 2005 14:13

Hi Ken,This is a wonderful website my sister Patty told me about. I am a 5th generation grandaughter of Old Isaac Fleetwood on my Mother's side. What little information I have, showed that Isaac came from Ireland in the early 1700's. My Mother is from Ava,Mo. Her name is Ella Mae (Fleetwood)Patterson. Her nicname is Boots. I have alot of Fleetwood family in Ava. My Mother is 91 yrs. old. Her brother David Fleetwood (who has passed away)and her, were children of John and Rose (Chamberlain)Fleetwood of Ava,Mo. I need to find the papers I have on Fleetwood and see which Child of Isaac my Mother came from. Thanks again Ken on the great job you have done on this site. I will definitely be checking back. Take care, God Bless. Sharon(Patterson) Cook.

Andy J. Skrobko
Jun 23, 2005 00:17

Hi there, I had a look at this site because my girlfriend is Emily Christine Fleetwood from Generation No. 7. A lot of research must've gone into putting this together; nice work. I especially like the Missouri pictures from 1999.

Jul 01, 2005 09:31

Hello! how ya doin'?

Oliver Deckard
Jul 14, 2005 01:52

Just stumbled accross this site this evening - have not had time to really study it carefully but you can bet that I will! It looks great from what I've seen so far. I am descended from Isaac's son John(m. Sarah Todd), their son Adam(m. Delphia Jane Dyer), their daughter Phoeba or Phoebe(m. Andrew Deckard), their son Oliver Carmie Deckard(m. Ola Shields), their son Russell Deckard(m. Hattie Brown). I am a resident of Bloomington, Indiana with roots from Brown and Jackson Counties of Indiana.

Jackie Fleetwood
Jul 18, 2005 14:48

This is fantastic!!! I am married to Shane Jay Fleetwood. Son of Andrew Jackson (Jay) Fleetwood who is the son of (king) David Fleetwood. If there is any information that we can share with you to update things just let us know!!!

E Reeves
Jul 27, 2005 00:14

What a wonderful site !! In the Turnbo transcripts there are many mentions of the Wm Holt, Fielden Holt family on the White River. They came to Little North Fork in 1838. our families must have crossed paths at some time!!! Keep up the good work !!

Pam Drake
Jul 30, 2005 07:37

Really interesting web site and I enjoyed my visit.

Daniel Fleetwood - Barnsley UK
Jul 31, 2005 03:06

Hi distant relation?

Wanda Fleetwood Gott
Aug 01, 2005 14:55

Hi Ken, Just updating my email address. I am Wanda Fleetwood Gott. My father was Acey Fleetwood.

Allyson Mason
Aug 04, 2005 16:47

Hey, guess what! Isaac Fleetwood is my 7th great grandfather!

Allyson Mason
Aug 04, 2005 16:57

You need to get up to date, Patrick McNeil died.

Dan J. Todd
Aug 23, 2005 02:46

Nice Web site. I live in Heltonville, Pleasant Run Township, Lawrence County, Indiana, not far from where "Old Isaac" Fleetwood is buried. Has anyone ever figured out why he is buried at Pleasant Run Cemetery? I descend from George Todd (c1783-1830) who signed for two of his younger sisters to marry Fleetwood's in Floyd Co., KY in 1814 (Sarah Todd m John Fleetwood) and 1816 (Catherine m Thomas Fleetwood). Several of these early Todd's that settled Lawrence, Monroe, Jackson and Brown Counties also moved on to Missouri. It seems that the Todd's and Fleetwood's families intermarried often. Dan J. Todd 34 Railroad Street Heltonville, IN 47436 (812)834-6782

Aug 26, 2005 13:14

hi i go to fleetwood highe scholl and i like it verry much

Paula harris
Oct 28, 2005 13:45

Great site.. my grandfather is Donnie Fleetwood/

Carson Fleetwood
Nov 06, 2005 21:43

Hello... thanks for your efforts on this web page. I am descended from the Bertie County, NC Fleetwoods. My GG Grandfather was Hatton Redditt Fleetwood, who settled in Kauffman County Texas. My Dad, Waller Shook Fleetwood, was born in 1904 in Terrill, Texas. Thanks again.

Justin Clay Fleetwood
Nov 15, 2005 14:21

I am Justin Fleetwood born and raised in the heat of Edenton, North Carolina. My father is Thomas Wilson Fleetwood II and his father was Thomas Wilson Fleetwood I. Just looking for some family roots.

Relda Sandgran
Jan 05, 2006 13:11

"Old" Isaac is my 5th great grandfather, his daughter Rebecca Fleetwood is my 4th Great Grandmother. She married Jessie Hall. I love the site. I thought that I had signed your guestbook before but could not find anything so I am signing now. When was the last time this site was updated? I could not see a date as to the last time that it was updated. Thanks for all of your hard work.

jimmy fleetwood
Jan 07, 2006 23:21

Ifound this sight by mistake ,while looking up an arkansas treasury warrent ,when i ran across isaac fleetwood. Ive heard alot of storys about us maybe Ill learn something new.

Eva Mae Leonard Forister
Jan 27, 2006 22:02

My great grandfather was Adam Fleetwood second marriage to Polly Ann prev.married to Ted Malone one daughter Litha then to Adam Fleetwood children were Ellie Jake Goldie and James (my grandfather).Born in Taney County married Vertie Mae Lowery children are Carrie, Florence, Jake, James, Litha, Sam, Irma, Viola, Joyce Ann, Christene and Roy.My mother is Florence Marie Fleetwood Leonard..I have scratches of family and runs into Issic. Adam, DavidRonnie among others??????? Thank you for this history I knew about the fued my grandfather spoke of it when I was a small child. Best emf

Jan 31, 2006 12:00

this is a great family genealogy....Its good to have you into my family--General Hazen had a son, Martin. Martin married Susan Lewis. Susan"s father is John J. Lewis and he is my grandfather in 6 generations.......Thanks for letting me share this great website. ETTA THACKER

Charles Reed,
Feb 08, 2006 14:59

Thanks for some great pictures of some beautiful scenery, I enjoy the outdoors very much. You have a very interesting website Charley.

olivia fleetwood age 9
Mar 04, 2006 04:25


Jim Fleetwood
Apr 03, 2006 22:07

I enjoyed your website very much. I am related to alot of Fleetwood's, a great deal of them in Douglas and Ozark Counties in Missouri. My dads side of the family is buried in a little graveyard not far from bryant river, its called Eaton Cemetary off HW 95. I sure do like this site and would like to see more. Its very, very interesting. I live in Northwest Ohio, and I had thought we were the only Fleetwoods here, but found out around 3yrs. ago they're alot more here than thought. Had made a trip to Fredricksburg, VA. around 10yrs. ago and happened upon some Fleetwood's there. It was kinda neat because you don't know if you are related or not. Well I'll stop bending your ear, but just want to say thank you for all the work you put into this site. Keep up the good work.

Apr 10, 2006 15:47

I really enjoyed looking at all of the pictures. I was hopping to find some of my Fleetwood family, but none of mine came to the US. My GG Grandfather is David Fleetwood of Barnsley, Yorkshire, England born 1767. Thank you for sharing your family photo's. Karen

Josie Fleetwood-Hunter
Apr 18, 2006 20:02

Hi there from one of the Aussie Fleetwoods!!!

John Monson
May 03, 2006 10:13

Nice Page - Looking to develop my family web page and trying to get some ideas.

joshua henson
May 07, 2006 07:08

excellent site i enjoyed browsing through it.

laura k. fleetwood
Jun 29, 2006 21:34

Im from danville Illinois My fathers name is Robert W.Fleetwood and his father was Robert W. Fleetwood who is the son of Hugh Fleetwood who has another son Dick Fleetwood and a daughter Imogene Fleetwood.Thats all i know about the Fleetwoods in my family.

Dave Nortega
Jul 09, 2006 00:40

Great website. Barbara Ellen Fleetwood's comment caught my eye. I really would like to hear from you and or David A. Fleetwood. Please email. Thanks. Dave Nortega dnortega@yahoo.com

laura kay fleetwood
Jul 21, 2006 00:06

My name is Laura Kay Fleetwood. I would like to make a correction to my june 29 06 entry. Hugh Fleetwood has a brother named Dick Fleetwood and 2 sisters Imogene and Doris? Fleetwood. Hugh is my great grandfather he had 1 son Robert and 1 daughter Linda Fleetwood.Robert who is my grandfather has three sons Steve and Robert (my dad) and Roger Fleetwood.This is from what my mother has told me thank you. feel free to e-mail me. deflpd4life@yahoo.com

Dan Alsup
Aug 05, 2006 12:39

Hi, someone sent me the story of the Alsup/Fleetwood fued and when I hit the home icon I reached your web page. Very interesting to read about old neihbors of the Alsups.

Mark Fleetwood Jr.
Aug 31, 2006 01:19

Hi, My name is Mark Fleetwood Jr. from Baltimore MD. I have enjoyed reading about the Fleetwood history even though it may not be closly tied to my family. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with Fleetwood history from the Northeast. My father is Mark Fleetwood Sr. He and his two brothers and sister are the children of Carl Fleetwood and Nancy Wilson. Unfortunatly Carl died when my father was six years old. I have just been informed the he was married prior to Nancy and also had children from his first wife in New York city. Even though they would only be half brothers i would love to find my fathers brother for him. They have never met each other. Please feel free to email me at Mfleet04@hotmial.com if you can help me at all. Thank you.

Carla Blankenship Bryce
Sep 10, 2006 13:49

I havent been on this site in awhile....Your dong a awesome job...Very good site

Regina Sefton
Sep 16, 2006 23:01

Great website, I stumbled across it today while searching for the location of the cemetery where Old Isaac is buried. I descend from Isaac, James, Solomon, Solomon's dau Nancy Elizabeth, her son William, his dau Frances. I live in Indiana and know very little about this branch of my family. I enjoyed reading the stories, guestbook signings and especially the pension documents and land grant document. I can only imagine how much time and effort you have put into your research and the website. You are to be congratulated.

Crystal Fleetwood
Oct 08, 2006 21:20

Hello I am Crystal Fleetwood daughter of Terry Fleetwood. Granddaugheter to Bill and Wanda Fleetwood. This is a great site I am so pleased to have Fleetwood as my last name I never realized there was so much history. Great Job! :0)

Stella Fleetwood
Oct 11, 2006 10:38

Goodday from the Fleetwood's from South Africa. Decendents from Thomas John Fleetwood

jessica fleetwood
Oct 16, 2006 04:00

hello come from sweden. I work as an sculptor. see you.

Dec 27, 2006 06:17

Had a good read through trying to trace my family tree in the UK.Interesting read keep up the good work. Kevin Fleetwood.

James D. Fleetwood II
Jan 08, 2007 13:13

Hey, great site... My Great-Great-Great Grandfather was an Adam Fleetwood said to be born 1823 (died 1901)... But no birth certificate was found for him, so I don't know if the date is exact or not, but it seems to line up with the birth of the Adam here... especially considering the marriage of that Adam's parents was in 1820... odd to wait 10 years to have a child in those days. He lived in that area of Indiana though, married a Delphia Dyer and had 13 kids of which 8 survived, including a Ben, Oliver, and Elijah before Delphia died, then he married a Sophia Winkler. Elijah (born 1863) married an Amanda Arthur in 1890 (daughter of James Arthur and a Fleetwood woman from a completely separate family with brothers 'El' Dennis, Thomas James (had a son James Thomas), William, and ?John? They had 13 children as well, but most of them died from Spanish Influenza... I know of a Mamme (sp) and my Great Grandfather Elijah surviving. Elijah married Mildred and had Barbara and Otto (1938). The rest branches off quite broadly.

Charles O Fleetwood
Jan 24, 2007 15:03

We have been trying to find info on Clarence Oris Fleetwood born about April 7 1920 or 1919. We only know that his fathers name was Bill. email@ fleetco@aol.com

William Andrew Fleetwood
Feb 24, 2007 09:52

Greetings, I just wanted to say hello, I live in Delmar, Delaware, my father was William Thomas Fleetwood, his father was William Thomas Fleetwood, I have two brothers Jeffrey Thomas Fleetwood and Stephen C Fleetwood

Billie Fleetwood-Grant
Feb 25, 2007 04:03

Hello everyone. I would like to hear from anyone with information about my family history. My grandmother was Louise E.(Peltier) Fleetwood who was married to William (Bill) Fleetwood, who would be my grandfather. I know that he was from Oklahoma and that he was married before and had other children. I also heard stories about the last name Hornbuckle from Oklahoma. I'm not sure when my grandfather past or who his parents were, but its nice to know that there is so many with the Fleetwood last name because up north in North Dakota it's not a common name. I was just wondering were the name originally came from. May god bless you and you have a wonderful site. Great work. love Billie Fleetwood

Karen Fleetwood Pankratz
Mar 09, 2007 20:51

Nice site I am just beginning to look. My grandfather was John Fleetwood married to Daisy Robertson, they came to colorado then Kansas from Indiana not sure where. I live in Dodge City, Kansas.

margaret e. gilbert
Mar 21, 2007 22:45

Hello--thanks so much for the old Missouri maps. They will be of tremendous help in the research I am doing on Missouri River steamboats. By the way, how did your family originally travel to Missouri? If any came by steamboat, I would be most interested in knowing more about the trip--what boat, how long it took, any incidents that happened along the way, etc. I am very glad that some people do still care about their heritage. Unfortunately, too many people don't seem to give a darn any more about where they came from, and what it took for our ancestors to pass down to us what we have now. Feel free to e-mail me any time at the address above--just please put "family history" or something in the subject line that will let me know it is legit! Thanks again for your website--I intend to explore it further. Best regards, Maggie

gary fleetwood
Apr 01, 2007 15:09

i was just curious to see other fleetwoods and if they are or were related to me, my father was alan fleetwood he married susan fleetwood.

gary fleetwood
Apr 01, 2007 15:26

sorry further to the above i also have a sister lesley fletwood she married aiden collins and they had a son thomas, as for myself i married susan fleetwood and we currently have two children adam fleetwood and louise fleetwood.

Thomas (Tommy) Alan Fleetwood
Apr 18, 2007 17:05

Too cool! My father is James Thornton Fleetwood of Norfolk, Virginia. I cannot recall as of right now what his fathers name was, but I would certanly like to know if we are related. I shall return to this site often.

Alan Fleetwood
Apr 25, 2007 22:10

Hi everyone - Alan Fleetwood here, born in Huddersfield, W. Yorkshire, grandfather was Joe Allen Fleetwood, I think born in Scarborough, E. Yorkshire around 1900. Been meaning to check my genealogy for years now but the old story, no time to spare. Seeing this site has made me a little more determined to do it. I'm now living in Houston, Texas and am a naturalized American. Everyone seems to think that we're named after the town in Lancashire, but another form of Fleetwood comes from the olde worlde English, fleet being a stream, so Fleetwood was a person living near a stream - a fleet - in the woods. I see there are some Fleetwoods from Canada - I remember when I was a young boy in the late 1950's, my grandfathers brother coming over from Canada to visit the family in England. They'd been over there a number of years, possibly from the 1920's or 30's, as they spoke with a real "American" accent. I met him at my grandfathers house but cannot remember his name or where he and his wife lived in Canada. I will endeavour to find out and update this info. I have one aunt left from my fathers side of the family, so I'd better write to her and get the info before it's too late.

Tammy Fleetwood Moody
Apr 27, 2007 00:42

Great site! I have read all of the old stories at some point in time or another and heard many from my Dad, Earl. You've done a fantastic job on your research! I'm just another Fleetwood family member. I live in Mountain Grove, Missouri. I illustrate children's books and work as a full time artist. I am currently going to MSU and seeking a BA in Fine Arts. It was great visiting your site!

Tammy Fleetwood Moody
Apr 27, 2007 00:52

Forgot to mention, I am a descendant of Mr. Isaac- through Adam. Adam had a son named William. Who also had a son named William, which was my Grandad. He married Armittee and they had a whole bunch of kids- including my Dad, Earl. His brothers and sisters were Jim, Bill, John, Walt, Bertha, Hazel, Vernie, and Judy. There were also a whole host of half brothers in there too. My Dad married Doris Riley and they had nine kids- Eva, Lola, John, Lila, Joe, Lonnie, Jim, Tammy( myself) and Randy. Now Mom and Dad have nineteen grandkids, and nine great-grandkids. So the line just keeps on going.

Rose Whalon
Jun 25, 2007 18:59

Iam the daughter of David Fleetwood. He was born in Ava Missouri 1911 looking for any information please. He also had the nickname, King David. If you can find anything on him, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Sincerely, Rose (Fleetwood) Whalon

William John (Bill) Fleetwood
Jul 09, 2007 21:15

Great web page, my family originated from the Indy area. My fathers name was Harold and his fathers name was Merle. There is 12 of us that are now scattered all over the states. My understanding is the Fleetwood name comes from England, heard a few different stories of the exact origination. not sure how much truth there was Again great job. Bill

Gerald R Fleetwood
Jul 29, 2007 19:17

I have enjoyed your web site . My grandfather was Sanford Fleetwood and my father was William Rex Fleetwood I was born in Bloomington,Ind. MONROE CO. 1947 I now live in Florida . My Uncles and aunts on the Fleetwood side still live in Bloomington Ind. My father is buried in Harrodsburg Indiana where my Mother is also buried. In that cemetery I have 4 generations of family. Which is in Monroe Co. Indiana They were Taylors on my Mothers side. If anyone would like to share any information I wood appricate it . THANK YOU

Andrea L Robidoux
Aug 12, 2008 03:32

Dear Kenneth, Hi my name is Andrea Robidoux, and I am interested in any information you may possibly have on Hilare Dastou, Birth certificates, Death certificates, or on Joseph Dastou his father. My grandmother Elenor (Dastou) Bacon, was Hilares' only daughter and I am looking for any information to locate or link to her cousin Thomas Dastou. Possibly Albinis' Son. To prove Abenaki Heratige for my children I have a somewhat extensive family tree begining and your pdfs have been a humongous (sp) help. If no documents then any information you have will be a help and any that I can give will be gladly shared. Sincerely, Andrea Robidoux

Connie Barb
Sep 23, 2008 20:32

I have not looked at your site yet,so Im sorry I cant give you my input.I am a granddaughter of William Arvis Welch.I live in the area where he and grandmother are buried.It has been my job to gather info. on Grandpa Welchs side and still cant find out who his grandfather is. thank you for reading my space.