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ISAAC FLEETWOOD - Revolutionary War Land Warrant Document - February 9, 1784

This document was obtained from the Kentucky Secretary of State web site.  The land warrant was issued for Isaac's service in the Virginia State Navy during the Revolutionary War.  The property is now in the state of Kentucky, but when the warrant was issued, Kentucky was part of Virginia.

Below, I have it transcribed line by line.

Isaac Fleetwood's Revolutionary War Land Warrant Document - February 9, 1784

• Land-Office Military Warrant, No. 2430

• To the principal SURVEYOR of the Land, set apart for the Officers and Soldiers of the
• Commonwealth of Virginia.

• THIS shall be your WARRANT to survey and lay off in one or more
• surveys, for Isaac Fleetwood

• his Heirs or Assigns; the Quantity of one hundred

• Acres of Land, due unto the said Isaac Fleetwood

• in consideration of his Service for three years as a Seaman

• of the State Navy.

• agreeably to a Certificate from the Governor and Council, which is received into the Land-Office
• GIVEN under my Hand, and Seal of the said Office, this 9th Day of
• February in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and 84

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