Fleetwood Family

ADAM FLEETWOOD - Record of Marriage to Elizabeth Pritchett

Adam's second marriage to Elizabeth Pritchett (his first wife's sister) was January 27, 1833 in Bartholomew County, Indiana.  They applied for their marriage license on January 18, 1833.  The following image is the business card of the Bartholomew County Clerk who sent me the documents below the card.  I have the records outlined in a red box and transcribed below it.  Elizabeth's last name is difficult to read in the license and the marriage record.  The clerk's office has her name listed as Elizabeth Pruitt.

Bartholomew County Clerk

afrecords023.jpg (94234 bytes)

• January 18, 1833
• Be it remembered that on this day a marriage
• license issued to Adam Fleetwood and Elizabeth
• Pri...

Adam & Elizabeth's Marriage Record

• I do certify that on the 27th of January 1833
• that I joined in the careful bonds of
• matrimony Adam Fleetwood and Elizabeth
• Pr... Given under my hand and seal
•                                                   Samuel Eslick

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