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ADAM FLEETWOOD - Records of Marriage to Jenny Pritchett

Adam's first marriage to Jenny Pritchett was about January 13, 1820, in Floyd County, Kentucky, according to several books and web sites.   The following letter is a response to a letter I sent to the Floyd County Clerk requesting Adam and Jenny's marriage record.

Floyd County Letter

I received the following documents in an e-mail on May 1, 1999, from my cousin Joseph Franklin Fleetwood in Ava, Missouri.  Thank you Joey!!  I have them transcribed below as best I can.

Adam & Jenny's Marriage Record

Floyd County (Sct)

• This shall license and permit
• you to join in marriage according to the rites and
• ceremonies of the church to which you belong
• Adam Fleetwood & Janey Prichett and
• for so doing this shall be your sufficient warrant given
• under my hand the 8th day of January 1820
•                                                              Jac M...ss {seal}

• I Jacob M...ss deputy clerk of the court for
• the county aforesaid do hereby certify that Adam
                                                             (from John Prichett)
• Fleetwood produced to me the necessary ^ certificate authoriz-
• ing me to issue license for his daughter ^ to marry ...
• Adam Fleetwood and that bond with security
• is given in my office according to the law this day
• and year of aforesaid
• To any person legally )
• authorized to ...              )            Jacob M...ss {seal}
• matrimony                      )

Adam & Jenny's Marriage Record

• This will certify that the
• within named Adam Fleetwood
• and Jany Pritchett was joined
• together marriage on the 13th
• day of January ... ...
• Witness my hand February ...
• day 1820

• J. Brown

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